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Nepal ranked third most corrupt nation in South Asia

  • Published on: February 1, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    A report released by the Transparency International last Wednesday showed Nepal as the third most-corrupt nation in South Asia and the 131st in the world.
    In its Corruption Percent Index-2016 published last Wednesday, the Transparency International (TI)  ranked Nepal at  the 131st place  among the listed 176 countries with a score of 29.
    This score of Nepal was better than only Bangladesh and Afghanistan in South Asia.  Bangladesh ranked at the145th position scoring 26 and Afghanistan scored 15 and secured 169th position.
    Over 100 countries listed in the index secured less than 50 marks. Bhutan has been the only South Asian nation to score more than 50 this time. Bhutan was placed in the 27th position scoring 65. Likewise, India scored 40 and secured the 79th position and the Maldives and Sri Lanka both ranked the 95th position each scoring 36. Pakistan secured the 116th position with a score of 32.
    As per the index, Denmark and New Zealand are the countries where corruption is at its lowest. Both the countries have secured 90. Somalia, has emerged as the most corrupt country in the world scoring only 10.
    The latest TI index showing Nepal as the third most corrupt country in South Asia clearly suggests that corruption has been institutionalized in Nepal and the political leadership should be blamed for the increase in corruption practices.
    Shree Hari Aryal, chair of TI-Nepal blamed political instability for the institutionalization of corruption in the country.
    As the political leaders resort to any measure to reach power, they often breed corruption practices to make financial gains. They give protection to the employees who manage money for them.
    Considering this, Aryal pointed the need for continuous pressure on government agencies and people’s representatives to held accountable.


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