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CK Raut emerging as a serious threat to Nepal’s sovereignty

  • Published on: February 8, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    CK Raut, an individual promoted by both India and the West, to weaken Nepal is now in the news headlines after his arrest last week.
    imagesRaut, whose past is almost obscure, has been portrayed as a scientist of NASA by a section of media.
    Taking the advantage of this false news, he has been openly launching a secession movement in Tarai to make the southern plain independent from Nepal. However, the government and the leaders had been a mere spectator of his activities, probably fearing that any action against him will anger their ‘Prabhu’.
    Moreover, leaders like BaburamBhattarai were giving protection to him. Nowhere in the world any individual launching a secession movement is allowed to enjoy freedom. But Raut was invited by Bhattrai when the latter was head of the dialogue committee of the Constituent Assembly.
    Encouraged by Bhattarai and Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Raut has intensified his anti-national activities in recent years.
    Although he was arrested in the past, the government released him at the pressure of the human rights organisations like the Amnesty International.
    Two weeks ago, Rautorganised a rally in Siraha, but the police did nothing to control his activities.
    But after pressure from public and the human rights activist like Krishna Pahadi, the government arrested him from Janakpur last week.
    Raut is now in police custody, and his supporters and promoters exerting pressure for his release.
    Although Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal after Raut’s arrest has been claiming that any element active in weakening the national integrity and sovereignty will be brought to book, people suspect whether Dahal will again let Raut go scot-free because Dahal himself is portrayed as a leader promoted by India and Christianorganisations of the west.
    If the political leaders do not stand firm against any element active in weakening the national sovereignty, controversial individual like Raut and other separatist elements will be encouraged to continue their activities in the country.


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