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PM Dahal spends six months without business

  • Published on: February 8, 2017

  • By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
    Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal led government has completed six months without business. The present government was formed with two major responsibilities — amending the constitution by addressing the demands put forwarded by the Madheshi Front and holding local level elections by mid-April. After holding the local level elections, it was agreed to hand-over power to the NC by PM Dahal i.e. sharing the power by the Maoist Center and Nepali Congress nine months each. Now, there is no possibility of holding elections by mid-April. Again, there is rare possibility of holding elections by mid-June – the date recommended by the Election Commission. If the election date is announced by the government within a week, it can be possible to hold elections by mid-June but there is no possibility of announcing the election date by the government before amendment of the constitution and there is almost no chance of amendment of the constitution considering the present equation in the parliament.
    dahalPro-Indian foreign policy:
    PM Dahal visited Delhi immediately after assuming the office but he has not visited another imminent neighbour China. Our Foreign Minister visited Delhi for five times but he has not visited Beijing once. Although the government is saying that it is keen to endorse the agreements made during the visit of the then prime minister KP Sharma Oli, the government has not done necessary homework. Chinese President Xi Jinping was likely to visit Kathmandu on his way to Goa to attend the BRICS Summit. As Nepal had not done homework properly, the visit was suspended. There was possibility of resuming the visit in coming April, however, sources say that the visit is not going to take place in April also. As the present government has not done homework in endorsing the agreements, the proposed visit has been suspended for the time being.
    On the whole, the government has performed pro-Indian foreign policy just to serve personal interests of the leaders in the government.
    The present government has failed to demonstrate good governance. In many countries, the ambassadorial posts are vacant for months. Due to dispute on of the ambassadorial posts between the NC and MC, Dahal has not been able to assign the ambassadors.
    In universities also, appointments have been made on the basis of share among the big parties by destroying educational environment.
    On reconstruction side of the earthquake demolished structures, the government again has not been able to work remarkably.
    The government has not been able to spend ten percent of the development fund even after spending more than six months of presentation of the budget. Due to which, liquidity crunch has been witnessed in the banking sector.
    Ray of hope:
    NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba, chief of the major partner of the present coalition government, was insisted for declaration of the election date with the purpose of holding election in May or by mid-June. After Sunday’s meeting with the leaders of the Madheshi Front, he has also started to say that elections will be held only after amendment of the constitution. Deuba gave this assurance to the Madheshi leaders. Deuba further urged the Front leaders to make an effective effort to amend the constitution as soon as possible. The constitution is not going to be amended through the personal initiative of Sher Bahadur Deuba or Pushpakamal Dahal. They are totally relaying on Delhi for the amendment. Delhi, without splitting UML and RPP, cannot reach the necessary number to amend the constitution. So far, Deuba and Dahal are hopeful that Delhi will manage the necessary number to amend the constitution.
    Dahal’s plan:
    Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal is not ready to hold election even in June. As per the internal evaluation, the Maoist Center has felt that the party has become very weak and if the election is held soon, the Maoist Center will face a big loss. Therefore, Dahal, although is saying to hold the elections soon, is found trying to escape elections. When Deuba also opined for elections only after amendment of the constitution, Dahal has felt a great relief for the time being. Now, Dahal is trying to prolong his tenure by taking into confidence to Delhi.
    Lainchour Durwar’s evaluation:
    Under the Lainchour Durwar’s evaluation, Dahal is most unpredictable person, said a source. If tried to break the present coalition among the NC, MC and the Madheshi Front, anytime, Dahal may join hands with the UML. If the two big communist forces will become united, that will not serve Delhi’s interests and again KP Oli will emerge as a powerful person. To downsize Oli, the present coalition should be continued, Lainchour has analysed. So far, Dahal is also informed about Lainchour’s present evaluation, therefore, Dahal has started to say that the present coalition government will continue until the elections. Furthermore, Delhi’s interest is to promote DPM and Home Minister Bimilendra Nidhi rather than Deuba. Nidhi is holding the key ministry, which is beneficial for Delhi. Therefore, Delhi is also in a mood to continue the present coalition government, according to the very source.
    Power tussle again:
    Deuba has wished to become the PM once again. PM Dahal is saying that as per the agreement, the present government was formed to hold the local elections. On the other hand, Deuba has started to show his interest to become the prime minister. On Sunday’s meeting, Deub took a U-turn from his previous stance just to bag sympathy of the Madheshi parties. This move is taken as his interest to become the PM.
    Although PM Dahal has achieved failure on all sides, he is likely to give continuity to the present coalition government. To sum-up, unless a miracle, neither the constitution will be amended nor the elections are going to be held before end of the rainy season and the present political mess is going to be continued.


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