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Corruption inside the construction world

  • Published on: February 15, 2017

  • By Our Business Reporter
    constructionThough the construction companies are working on low bidding, they are always making profit as they are manipulating the government in different ways.
    The construction companies are found manipulating the Vat bills and also bringing hardware goods in the name of construction materials and supplying them in the market directly. In this way, both hardware traders and also the construction companies are being mutually benefited. The tax officers are also benefited with commission offered by the companies involved in such a business.
    This is the reason, why even working at low rate, construction companies are in profit. Besides,such companies have to segregate certain percent compulsory commission to passthe bills against their works to the concerned government officers. By paying commission, they have been able to pass the bills of the quality-less works– manipulating on standard and ratio of construction materials approved by the government engineers. Because of such games, the quality of construction worksis very poor.
    If the government engineers will not get commission, even the quality works are not approved by them. In this regard, the construction companies are compelled to bid low price to get government projects and also they are forced to cheat. The government officers are found leaking information of bidding before the result. The commission game in construction projects is rampant, from which the taxpayers’ money has been misused.The synergistic cheating of cement and steel companies with hardware, construction companies, tax officers and the government engineers have ruined the country’s economy.


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