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India’s design on Nepal

  • Published on: February 15, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Noted Communist leader Radha Krishna (RK) Mainali, in his memoire “Nalekheka Itihas” (Unwritten History), has claimed that during the 1989 people’s movement, Madhav Nepal had brought a proposal for accepting the Indian military support to end the institution of monarchy. In the book released on Saturday, writer Mainali has stated that at the then CPN Marxist-Leninist Party’s central committee meeting, at the time when the people’s movement 1989 was taking momentum, Madhab Nepal had brought the Indian proposal of military support for the party to end the institution of monarchy. When the then party supremo Madan Bhandary questioned on even if they receive arms, who were going to operate them, Nepal had informed that India was going to send those army personnel in the Indian Gorkh Regiment on leave and they would fight on behalf of the party to declare Nepal a republic.
    India block Nepal Supplies copyHowever, Bhandary rejected to accept such a military support from Indiaaimed at ending the institution of monarchy. He had said, even if the Chinese will extend such an offer, the party should not take it.
    Balkumar Nepal has reported in the Annapurna Post vernacular daily that in 1989, when the people’s war was continued, the central committee meeting of the then ML Party was being held at Chyasal in Patan, Lalitpur. At the meeting, immediately after the party general secretary (Madan Bhandary)put forward the meeting agendas, Nepal had put forward the Indian proposal, “To give new heights to the movement, neighbouring India has assured us to provide more support.”
    When Bhandary had asked, “What support is India providing?”, Nepal had said with glory, “Arms support”.
    Bhandary had questioned again, “To operate arms, we need trained party workers. Do we have such worker?”
    Nepal had replied, “They will also send army personal to operate arms!”
    On Page No 123 of the memoire, entitled, “Madhab Nepal’s proposal to end monarchy”, Mainali has recalled that as he and CP Mainali were about to speak, Bhandary gestured them to remain silent and spoke himself, “Comrade Bibek (Nepal’s party name), what type of proposal is it? Can we bring such proposal of foreign military support in the Party’s central committee meeting? Not only the Indian military but even if the Chinese Red Army will come, we will never accept it.”
    “Such a proposal is a big insult to the communist party”, he had said.
    “This is a design to loot national sovereignty. Therefore, you take it back immediately!”
    “That proposal of Nepal was thus not minute as Bhandary had asked to Nepal to take back his words”, said Mainali.
    So far, Madhab Nepal has tried to escape from such a serious allegation instead questioning on Mainali’s mental health.
    Be that as it may, this is the evidence disclosed by a responsible UML leader about the Indian design on Nepal. Other evidences also support that India was intent at removing the institution of monarchy from Nepal since the 1989 people’s movement. Mainali has disclosed the fact that India was even ready to provide military support to finish the institution of monarchy. This episode can also be linked with the Royal Palace bloodbath that took place on June 1, 2001.


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