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Trump’s policy has reflected towards him

  • Published on: February 15, 2017

  • Sir,
    Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas, nor was he even the first European to visit the “New World.” (Viking explorers had sailed to Greenland and Newfoundland in the 11th century.) However, his journey kicked off centuries of exploration and exploitation on the American continents. The consequences of his explorations were severe for the native populations of the areas he and the conquistadores conquered. Disease and environmental changes resulted in the destruction of majority of the native population over time, while Europeans continued to extract natural resources from these territories.
    Today, Columbus has a mixed legacy—he is remembered as a daring and path-breaking explorer who transformed the New World, yet his actions also unleashed changes that would eventually devastate the native populations he and his fellow explorers encountered.
    Does Trump belong tonative American?The term “native People” of Trump is indicating to whom? Is he talking about the Red Indians? Does he belong to Red Indian? So, his words are the sign of power politics.He is making the policy to return the people of different country to their own native country, as he himself doesn’t belong to the U.S.A originally. If he is sodesperate to encourage the people from different parts of the world to return to their own country, he must leave the US to his native land. He should implement his law to himself first.

    Raju Timilsina


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