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Financial traitors

  • Published on: February 21, 2017

  • By Prajwal Shrestha
    In a country like Nepal, traitors can be found in every organ of the nation. In economic field also, traitors are active to make Nepal poor and economically dependent on the foreign countries.
    The previous government led by KP Sharma Oli had introduced a mechanism to construct the Budhigandaki mega project producing 1200 MW power on our own investment. The plan of constructing the project by ourselves was started with additional five rupees tax on each litre of petro-products. Within seven months, the government had been able to collect seven billion rupees as tax to construct the project. According to an estimate, in one year, we could collect more than 12 billion rupees worth fund for the project. In this way, we can construct such a mega projects from our own investment, which sounds good. The reserve of the investment fund is increasing day-by-day but the government has not accelerated the construction works of such a project of national pride. Still, the government is engaged in the dispute with the land-owners in distributing compensation. When the construction works will start, nobody knows. May be, one can suspect, some officers and also the political leaders are making commission by delaying the construction works of such a mega project. Foreign powers never want to see a small and poor country like Nepal constructing such mega projects. Therefore, they offer commission to the high-ranking officers, political leaders, so-called civil-society leaders to create hurdles in the path of such projects. We have very bad experience of cancellation of the Arun-3 mega project decades ago. This had happened due to the Indian objection. Let’s assume, if the Arun Project was constructed on time, we could divert water in the Arun River into the currency. More importantly, forget about exporting our hydropower to India, if we were able to produce electricity from the Arun River, we should not have imported power from India to meet the electricity demands of today, neither, we would have to face 14-hour-long load-shedding in past years. We didn’t take lessons from our past mistakes.
    Construction works of the Budhigandaki project should have been started in a war-footing level with the purpose of producing electricity as soon as possible. When the process will start, we don’t know but some other day if any hydropower expert or any political leader, by pocketing money from foreign powers, will say that the Budhigandaki project should not be constructed, it won’t be surprising for us as in the past also, we had seen an Arun concerned group and Kaligandaki concerned group campaigning against these hydropower projects. By opposing these hydropower projects, they were able to construct their own buildings and were able to deposit hefty money in foreign banks but the country became the sufferer.
    For many years, we are talking about the construction of another international airport in Nijgadh as an alternate to the only international airport in the country, TIA. We all know, the TIA has already become congested and small and we cannot boom tourism market without constructing another international airport. The location has been identified at Nijgadh. The government has already acquired necessary land in Nijgadh but when the actual works will start, nobody knows. Our experts and leaders in the government have not been able to develop the modality of construction of the airport. Furthermore, to link Kathmandu with Nijgadh, already the Nepal Army has opened a track road. The government led by SushilKoirala had decided to reward an Indian company on the BOOT basis to construct the fast-track road linking Nijgadh to Kathmandu by ensuring huge profit to the Indian party even by paying compensation from the government treasury. This idea was rejected by the Supreme Court.
    Later, the government led by KP Oli decided to construct the fast-track project by the government itself. Immediately after such a decision, NC leader and present DPM and Home Minister BimalendraNidhi had opposed saying that Nepal cannot construct such a huge project. Yes, we know, whose voice was he speaking!
    As we know, we have no other alternates to such key projects to meet our demands, with high priority and without any delay we have to complete such key projects through a fast-track process. If we fail to do so, we will not only miss the opportunity but also we will face a heavy loss economically. Sure, financial traitors may appear with their plans and also they will try to manipulate the political leaders. If the leaderships will show greediness from the attractions showed by those traitors, they will also be identified as the traitors.


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