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Too many cooks spoil the broth

  • Published on: February 21, 2017

  • The present political situation is the experiment of the political leaders. The inexperienced and ambitious leaders have made the worse broth cooked by many cooks to the nation.The ambition of PushpakamalDahalwho is not able to manage even his own family has driven the country to this situation. Tarai leaders want separate Madheshstate; Congress and UML leaders are playing with their own pity interests and Indians are playing with their design for creating havoc, instability in Nepal and finally plan to merge Nepal in India.
    If we, theNepalis, do not realize the political situation properly, we will be colonized either by India or this country will split into small states, paving the way for Indians to annex this mountain nation. As acitizen of this nation,I request all the political leaders to get united and search for the solution of the present crisis instead of blaming and claiming others.

    Hari Karki,


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