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Alarming situation

  • Published on: March 8, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    uml_morchaIt is very sad to state that in an encounter with the security forces, three activists of the Madheshi Front have been killed, several succumbed bullet injury and several dozen have been wounded in Rajbiraj on Monday afternoon. The Front activists had aimed at disturbing the mass meeting organised by UML in Rajbiraj.
    Blame game:
    Who is responsible for such a bloodbath, blame game has started in the Nepali politics. Some have accused the UML for organizing such a mass meeting and also Mechi-Kali Campaign at a time when the Madheshi Front was irritated with the UML and had warned not to enter in the No 2 province. In the meantime, the UML has accused the government for provoking the Madheshi Front and the local people to launch attack on UML. To recall, UML had announced the program months ago and in Rajbiraj, when the Front captured the scheduled mass-meeting venue – Rajbiraj Stadium — UML showed flexibility and changed the venue at the last hours to avoid confrontation. UML had wished to convey the message that the party is not against the Tarai people but is against the brokers who have tried to destroy social and communal harmony. The UML leaders have claimed that they had tried to strengthen unity among the people from Himal, Hill and Tarai at a time when some of the Madheshis are creating conspiracy to split the nation.
    NC and Maoist Center leaders are happy from the incident as they feel that they have been able to destroy UML’s organization in the Tarai districts. To note, UML has been emerged as the number one party in the whole nation and UML’s rival parties were seeking opportunity to make the UML weak. This unfortunate incident has made these leaders happy. It is said that Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi had provoked the Front activists to finish UML in the Tarai districts.
    Downsizing UML:
    As UML has taken patriotic stance, Delhi is against UML. The KP Sharma Oli led government was toppled-down by the NC-MC alliance under the active initiative of Delhi. Now, Delhi’s one-point agenda is to downsize UML. UML has challenged India and denied to address the Madheshi demands – which are solely in the interest of Delhi. UML has denied even to table the amendment bill in the parliament. Delhi was able to buy leaders in the NC and MC but it failed to influence the UML leaders. Delhi believes that due to the UML attitude, the constitution amendment bill could not be endorsed from the parliament. Delhi had tried to endorse the constitution amendment bill even by taking support from the small parties and excluding the UML. This effort of Delhi also failed. In this regard, Delhi has become seriously angry with the UML.
    Amendment bill and Tarai people:
    If the amendment bill is endorsed in as-it-is situation, this will encourage the Indian migrated population whereas the real Tarai people will be exploited from their rights in the long-run.
    The amendment bill is aimed at finishing identity of the indigenous Tarai people by imposing Hindi language against the ethnic languages – Maithali, Bhojpuri, Abadhi, among others.
    More seriously, the amendment bill is aimed at separating hill districts from the Tarai distrwicts. A province cannot run without natural resources and thus for prosperity of a province, the source of natural resources should also be included. In the Nepali context, Himal, Hill and Tarai should be included in a province for its economic prosperity. The Madheshi Front, as per the Delhi’s interests, is demanding for the province without hill districts.
    Indian grand design:
    India wants to keep the Tarai districts separate from the hill districts and plans to keep the Tarai provinces under her financial influence and when the time will come, India wants to annex the Tarai provinces. This is not a new plan designed by India but it is an old plan developed by the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The Madheshi Front is serving India’s vested interests.
    Alarming situation:
    Our political leaders, who are engaged in fulfilling their pity interests, have undermined the alarming situation. The so-called intellectuals, so-called members of the civil society, who are either funded by the Western INGOs or the Indian currency, too are serving the Indian interests. In the meantime, some individuals have started to laude for Tarai as a separate nation state, which is serious and alarming.
    Responsible actors:
    Those political actors, who wished to serve the foreign interests, are responsible for the present chaos and alarming situation. First of all, the Maoists, which destroyed communal harmony by adopting the idea of communal conflict and launched “people’s war” with the funding of the Indians, are solely responsible to create the present situation. If the Maoists were the real communist, they would have adopted the ideology introduced by Karl Marx – class conflict, instead of the Nepali Maoists introduced communal conflict.
    Besides, those who signed the 12-point agreement under the design of Delhi are responsible for the present bloodbath.
    Again, those political leaders, who served the long awaited Indian concern for providing citizenship certificate to those Indians residing in Nepal since 1989, are responsible for the present situation.
    Furthermore, those political leaders who wanted to stick on power by serving the Indian interests and signed an agreement with the leaders of the Tarai unrest in 2008 are also responsible for the present situation.
    What should be done?:
    This is not the time to downsize or blame any particular party, rather, the political leaders have to perform greater unity among the patriotic forces to fail the Indian interests. All the leaders should go to the Tarai districts to convince the Tarai people about what they have done in the interests of the Tarai people and how India is conspiring against the Tarai people.
    As the present constitution is full of foreign agendas, it has to be scrapped and a new system should be introduced which would safeguard Nepal’s sovereignty, independence and indivisibility. Nepal’s identities are Hindu Kingdom with unilateral governance mechanism. Therefore, these agendas have to be restored in the constitution. Otherwise, we should be ready to see worst time in the days to come. The present constitution cannot safeguard Nepal’s sovereignty, cannot guarantee political stability and prosperity, rather, it will invite further crisis to the nation.


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