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UML’s Mechi-Kali campaign faces setback after Saptari clash

  • Published on: March 8, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The Mechi-Kali campaign of the CPN-UML has culminated in the death of four in Saptari due to the apolitical activities of the United Democratic Madhesi Front.
    All the deceased were supporters of the Mdahesi Front and they were killed in the police firing when the cadres of the Madhesi Front tried to attack the mass meeting of the CPN-UML.
    With the killing of four people, the UDMF had decided to withdraw its support to the government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal and clamped a two-day strike in Terai.
    Of course, the Saptari incident occurred as desired by the UDMF. The UDMF was adamant to disturb the UML’s programme scheduled weeks back. It deliberately called a band coinciding the UML’s programme in Saptari and Janakpur.
    Although the UDMF succeeded to disturbed the UML’s programme as the UML halted its campaign for three days after the clash in Saptari, through the campaign the UML showed its strength in eastern Terai where thousands of people joined the campaign in Mechi and Koshi zones. Even in Saptari, the mass meeting of the UML was bigger than it had expected.
    The UML had committed to continue its campaign from Friday, which is likely to invite more clashes.
    Although both the UDMF and the UML are accusing each other of plotting the Saptari killing, the UDMF looked more responsible for the killing as it mobilised its cadres to disturbed the UML’s programme.
    The police had to use force to prevent any unwanted situation as happened in Gaur and Tikapur. The use of force was inevitable to control the angry mob of the Madhesi Front. The clash could have been averted had the UDMF not called the strike or had the UML cancelled its pre-set programme.
    The Home Ministry had also defended the use of force.
    The Siraha speech of Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi in which he had urged the NC cadres to chase UML from Madhes had also fueled the Saptari incident.
    The Saptari incident is likely to cause the fall of Dahal-led government. If the RPP withdraws its support to the government, the Dahal-led government is likely to collapse. RPP chair Kamal Thapa a few days ago said that relevancy of the present government ended as it failed to amend the constitution.
    But one thing is sure that the Saptrai clash has sowed a seed of another round of Madhes movement, which may culminate in a new political development in the country.


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