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Government prepares to provide facilities ex-top officials

  • Published on: March 16, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Despite the court order not to provide facilities to ex-high officials, the government has registered a bill in the parliament proposing monthly pensions and other facilities for former presidents and vice presidents and others.
    The bill proposes monthly allowances of Rs 50,000 and Rs 40,000 for former presidents and vice-presidents respectively. Likewise the bill has proposes Rs 200,000 for former presidents and Rs 75,000 for v other former top officials as rent allowance. Former officials with their own homes in the capital will get half the amount.
    The Bill on Provision of Facilities for Former Office Bearers registered in the parliament last month week has proposed state facilities only for former presidents, vice presidents, prime ministers, speakers, chairmen of the National Assembly and chief justices.
    According to provisions in the bill, the former officials will get a motor vehicle and if any of them already owns a vehicle, Rs 25,000 monthly will be provided as maintenance cost. Likewise, the bill proposes providing over 200 liters of fuel every month to all former officials.
    The former president will be given a secretariat team led by an under-secretary and including an office assistant and a driver. Other officials will get a section officer and a driver.
    If the bill is passed without any revisions, the state can provide security to such former officials after evaluating the security threat.
    Earlier, a similar bill registered by the government proposing state facilities for 14 various former VVIPs was withdrawn, following wide criticism.


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