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Prime Minister expands cabinet to save his govt

  • Published on: March 16, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Three days after the Madhes-based parties threatened to withdraw their support to the government, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal inducted three ministers from the RastriyaPrajatantra Party in the government.
    PM Dahal appointed Kamal Thapa to the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, and DilNathGiri to the post of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Minister.
    Likewise, Parsu Ram Tamang was appointed State Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation.
    Thapa and Giri took the oath of office on Thursday.
    The induction of Kamal Thapa in the cabinet and his swearing-in were done in a dramatic way. Many people had not thought that Kamal Thapa would join the present government that way as he was against the formation of the government as well as the constitution amendment proposal registered in the parliament.
    Although even after his appointment as DPM Thapa said that his party would not support the amendment bill, many people have not believed him.
    Prime Minister Dahal had to remove Hit Raj Pandey, who had successfully accomplished the task of restructuring the local units, to adjust Thapa in the cabinet.
    Likewise, NC President SherBahadurDeuba had to call back JivanBahadurSahi to accommodate RPP’s Giri in the cabinet. As Pandey, Shahi had also performed well in the cabinet.
    However, Thapa’s appointment in the cabinet resulted counterproductive for RPP. Senior leader DrPrakash Chandra Lohani quit the party after Thapa became DPM without consulting with the party leaders.
    Rumours are rife that Dahal is preparing to induct Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar in the cabinet, and NC President SherBahadurDeuba is preparing to call back Health Minister GaganThapa to adjust Gachchhadar in the cabinet.
    Minister Thapa and Energy Minister Janardan Sharma are the two ministers in the Dahal government who have performed excellently. But Deuba is preparing to call back Thapa to save the cabinet. If the news that Deuba is going to replace Thapa by Gachchhadar is true, it will only prove that Deuba is ready to do anything to secure power, and he is least bothered to the wellbeing of the people. That has introduced several reforms in health sector in the past few months.
    “If Deuba asks Thapa to vacate the post, it will be counter-productive for the NC as well as the coalition government,” said a NC leader in the condition of anonymity.


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