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Nepali education system: Factory producing unemployment

  • Published on: March 21, 2017

  • By Prajwal Shrestha
    On the one hand, we lack skilled manpower, on the other, we have very high rate of educated unemployment. Every year, millions of students pass the SLC examination (now SEE). Those who are able to pay educational expenditure, join plus two class and even they may go abroad for further studies.
    Education has become very expensive in Nepal. After the government scrapped the intermediate level from the Tribhuwan University, it has become very difficult to meet the expenses of the plus two level education. As there is strong domination of the private schools and the government has not given any incentives to run community schools and the government schools have been totally politicized and after the SLC examination, many youths stop their studies. The government schools and the campuses belonging to the Tribhuwan University have become the venue to produce political workers. Those genius students and parents who want to give quality education to their children, send them to the private schools and colleges. Even by paying expensive fees, the government cannot guarantee jobs for the educated manpower in the country. In this way, every year, the nation is producing hundreds of thousands of unemployed youths in the country. As they cannot get any job within the country, the youths want to go abroad either for further studies or for low-quality labour work.
    The government’s education policy lacks many things. If we go through the curriculum of the schools or even the universities, we can find that there is no vision in our education policy. The curriculum has not focused on what type of future manpower we are producing for the nation. In fact, the planning commission has to develop a plan looking ahead ten years by evaluating the need of the manpower needed for the nation during that time. The school syllabus should be based on the need of the manpower of the country, when the young students joining the first grade will complete his or her education.
    In poverty ridden areas, students cannot complete their higher education due to their parents’ low income level.  Therefore, plans should be developed for immediate employment of those students who complete 16 years of age. By targeting the low-economy group of students, vocational courses should be included in the syllabus from fifth grade. If this is done so, when the students will complete plus two course, he or she, by doing part time job based on the vocational subject he or she has studied, can continue comfortably their further studies.
    Likewise, basic knowledge about our nation, society, culture, religion, language, among others have to be included in the syllabus, so that the students can know about their motherland.
    The present education system has no goal on the future of our students after completing their education. After doing graduation or masters courses, all are seeking for a government job. As the government job is not enough for the youths as per their educational qualification, they will become frustrated. In this way, the nation is spoiling the youth force.
    The political leaders and the policy makers have failed to know the value of the youth force. The political leaders aim for producing their party workers only, therefore, they open student cells of their political parties in campuses and colleges. As a result, the country is facing educated unemployment problem. Keeping youths unemployed is a great economic loss to the nation. Therefore, first of all, the leaders in the government should develop a plan ten years ahead by calculating what manpower in which sector is needed. Under this plan, education should be given to the students by assuring jobs for the students immediately after they complete their basic education, i.e. plus 2 level. Along with the priority for the economic development, priority should also be given to vocational education so that the educated will be employed.


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