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Business leaders in election race

  • Published on: March 29, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    As the date for FNCCI AGM is coming close, business leaders have accelerated their election campaign. This time, two panels are seen. One is led by KishorPradhan, whereas, another is led by SekharGoalcha.
    According to the FNCCI statute, the senior vice president will automatically be the president for the next tenure. Therefore, BhawaniRana is going to be the next president of FNCCI. Hence, both Golcha and Pradhan are contesting to the post of the senior vice president to secure the post of the FNCCI president for the next tenure of FNCCI.
    Both the candidates for the post of senior vice president, Golcha and Pradhan are busy in district visits with their election agenda. Pradhan has launched his campaign from Dadeldhura, far western Nepal. Pradhan is backed by PramodPradhan (candidate to the post of vice president), Mukesh Upadhaya (Morang), UmeshGhimire (Dhankuta), former FNCCI president Kushkumar Joshi.
    On the other hand, former FNCCI president Chandi Dhakal, outgoing president Aatmaram Murarka, senior vice president Bhawani Rana, former president Ravi Bhakta Shrestha have backed SekharGolcha.
    As Golcha’s panel is backed by heavy-weight business leaders including several FNCCI’s former presidents, outgoing president and also upcoming president, business observers have speculatedthat Golcha could be the strong candidate to the post of the senior vice president.


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