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The two neighbours

  • Published on: March 29, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnOne quote in the social network drew my attention. The quote was, “One neighbour is always squeezing us and the other neighbour is always willing to help us”. In spite of such behavior of our neighbours, our leaders are always trying to please the neighbour which is squeezing us. In the recent past, when a scribe had put a question to our Foreign Minister PrakashsharanMahat when he had visited Delhi for a half a dozen times, why he had not visited Beijing once, Minister Mahat had replied, “What to do, Beijing will put pressure us to sign on the OBOR initiative!”.
    It is difficult to understand that why such leaders have become ministers – to serve the nation or to achieve their own interests! If they have become ministers to serve the country, why are they hesitating to take decisions which would benefit the country?
    The Chinese authorities are saying that if we become a member of the OBOR initiative, we will get enough funds to develop our infrastructural projects — road construction, railway line construction, hydropower construction etc.. If we are going to be benefit from such support, why are we delaying to become a member of BOFOR?
    Our Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal went to Boao and also Beijing. He also got the opportunity to meet Chinese supreme leader and President Xi Jinping. It was a great opportunity for Nepal. But did our Prime Minister tried to cash this opportunity for the nation or he just tried to whisper to the Chinese President that he was under pressure from the south for not signing the OBOR initiative? So far, Dahal, during his stay in Boao and also in Beijing, expressed the commitment that he was keen to endorse the OBOR initiative but in practice, the Nepal government led by him is lingering to move forward on the OBOR initiative. Furthermore, Dahal is delaying on the implementation of the important ten agreements that were endorsed by the government led by KP Sharma Oli. Earlier, before his departure to China, a group of scholars, intellectuals and former ambassadors had called on Dahal. They had forced Dahal to make his visit significant, he should sign on the OBOR initiative and also sign on other agreements, including the transit and transport agreements approved during the visit of the then PM KP Sharma Oli to China.
    Unfortunately, Dahal is enjoying power with the blessings of Delhi and this government is basically to serve the Indian interests rather than doing something for the nation. The government cannot deny the Chinese requests, but they are afraid from their Indian bosses who have instructed them to not join hands with the northern neighbour.
    These days, “surrender-ism” has become a popular word in the political arena of this country. After the NC and Maoist Center leaders gave in totally to their Indian bosses, they have become very unpopular among the people. It is said that the Maoist Center is going to secure the fourth position from the upcoming elections. As Dahal saw an anti-Maoist sentiment among the people since he surrendered to the Indians, he wished to visit China to bag the public sympathy. He had not visited China to serve the nation’s interests but to whisper to the Chinese leaders that he was a pro-Chinese person. How far he became successful to convince the Chinese leaders, the time will say, but the fact is that he is not going to ink agreements with China during his tenure. So far, he had given the message that he was able to meet the Chinese supreme leader.
    In March, 2016, the initial agreements were signed on OBOR and other ten bilateral agendas. It has already been one year since the signing of the agreements. After the change in the government, the new government kept pending all the agreements signed during the China visit of the Oli led government. After signing of the agreements, the government had to do paper-works to implement them. Even after one year of signing on the initial agreements, Nepal has not done any homework to implement them. This is a gesture that the present government is not eager to implement the agreements that were endorsed by the previous government, which is a great loss for the nation.
    Talking about our southern neighbour, she is creating one after another problem for Nepal. Presently, the country is enmeshed in the Tarai issue. The Madheshi Front is carrying the Indian agenda and the NC and MC leaders are trying to please the Indians by fulfilling the Madheshi Front’s agendas.
    Our leaders say that Nepal-India relations are exemplary and we enjoy open borders, but by taking benefit of the open borders, the Indian SeemaSurakchyaBal personnel enter Nepal and open fire on innocent Nepali citizens. They demolish the border pillars, encroach Nepali soil and our leaders are unable to protest against such act of the Indians. The Indians, in support of the Madheshi protesters, imposed an economic blockade on us. And even though, just to enjoy power, our leaders have surrendered to the Indians. If the leaders show the courage to stand on their own feet, the Indians will not get chance to organize the micro-management in Nepal. Sure, Nepal should look after India’s security concerns, but the Indians should not be allowed to rule Nepal via those Indian stooges. Of course, it is upto our leaders PushpakamalDahal, SherBahadurDeuba that they should feel they can stand on their own and if all the leaders will act accordingly, the Indians will not get a chance to demonstrate their hegemony on Nepal.


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