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  • Published on: April 5, 2017

  • editThe government is still in the process of negotiation with the Madheshi Front and amendment of the constitution. Of late, the Front has demanded to remove Article 274 in the constitution and postponing the elections for some weeks. Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal has remarked that the elections to be held in two phases. Specially the election in No 2 province can be held in the second phase, PM Dahal has wished. However, both the parties, NC and Maoist Center, are of the view that the elections should not have to be held by excluding the Madheshi Front.Lately, the Front leaders have demanded to include those voters who have not registered in the voter list. Furthermore, the Front leaders are demanding to expand the number of local units on the basis of population. PM Dahal is positive to increase the number of the local units in No 2 province. UML has understood that even if the present demands of the Madheshi Front is fulfilled, the Front will put forward other demands to postpone the local elections. UML chairman Oli has publicly said that the Front is carrying the Indian agendas, thus they will not become ready for elections until India is satisfied with the amendments in the constitution. The Indian bottom-line is to create two provinces only byincluding the Tarai districts from Mechi to Mahakali which UML has denied. UML believes that this is a design to separate our Tarai districts. So far, some lawmakers in the NC and also in the Maoist Center too are against excluding the hill districts from the Tarai districts. UML has denied not only for the amendmentof the constitution but has also taken stance for not allowing the amendment bill to be tabled.
    UML’s analysis on separation of the Tarai district can be justified on the basis of some past evidences that how India is playing with a long-term plan to separate our Tarai districts from the map of Nepal. This is very much alarming. We can have many elections if we will have a sovereign nation. We can amend or change the constitution or write a new constitution if we can save our nation. The prime issue on which the political actors have to concentrate is that how far the demands put forward by the Front leaders are justifiable. If the Front’s actions are intended towards split of the nation, not only the UML but all the political parties should be united to keep Nepal a sovereign, independent and indivisible nation. Even if the constitution is going to invite division among the citizens and split of the nation, we should not be hesitated to remove the constitution.


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