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When traitors are in the government

  • Published on: April 5, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan
    pushpa-columnIf we are Nepalis by blood, welove Nepal. We love our motherland, we feel proud of our culture, religion, tradition, language etc…But not all of them feel that way. There are some people serving others, who hate our culture, religion, tradition, language etc… those people include some political leaders who hate Nepali language and try to impose Hindi as the national language; they hate wearing Dura-Surwal and feel happy to clad other dress; they hate our traditional religion and run behind other religion. On the whole, they are serving foreigners and trying to end our identity.
    It is unfortunate that the political change in 2006 has empowered those brokers of the foreign powers who are conspiring to finish our motherland and also our Nepali identity.
    Nepal was declared a secular, federal republic not in the interests of the Nepali people but in the interests of the foreign powers conspiring to finish Nepal and the Nepali identity. The very people serving foreign interests tried to destroy all the statues of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, founder of modern Nepal. That was the beginning of conspiracy against Nepal and the Nepalis.
    From the very year, after those traitors captured power, suspended the national unity day which was being observed on the birth anniversary day of the Great king.
    Today, even NC, UML and RPP leaders in the government are demanding for recognizing the Great King as unifier of modern Nepal and observing his birth anniversary along with a national holiday. The present Prime Minister, who hates wearing Daura-Surwal just to please his foreign bosses, has denied to respond to the concern of his own cabinet ministers. People are against secularism, federalism and republicanism but those in power are trying to impose these agendas forcefully just to please their foreign bosses. In fact, those who are dancing to the foreigners’ tune, have no argument to justify their works, even though, they are saying that these are the historical achievements they have made through the people’s movement 2. So far, in the name of achievement, those foreign puppets are trying to destroy a sovereign and independent nation.
    Nepal is a country where people enjoy largest number of national holidays. However, leaders like Pushpakamal Dahal are seen so conservative on adding one more holiday by respecting the founder of the modern Nepal! If the Great king would not have unified present Nepal, sure, this nation would have become a British colony. We would not have the opportunity to claim our Nepali identity. Those leaders — who are talking about identity — are intended to finish our Nepali identity, which is an act against the motherland and also an act of a traitor.
    One cannot expect anything better when the traitors are in power. The same applies in today’s Nepal. We spent trillions of rupees and a decade of time to write a constitution. In fact, we didn’t write it but we have imposed the constitution written abroad which doesn’t suit in our soil and climate. Nepal is much smaller than India’s Bihar and UP. In such a tiny country, we have adopted seven provinces and 744 local units by over-shadowing the concept of 75 districts. In the name of empowering the local units, we have increased the budget for the local units but from where can we manage the fund, nobody knows. We don’t have single parliament building until now. When are we going to construct seven provincial parliament buildings, God knows! In conclusion, the present constitution has been promulgated to create division among the people, to destroy our independence and to destroy our identity.


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