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Boundary walls in Nepal-India borders

  • Published on: April 12, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan
    pushpa-columnA group of Nepali youths in Qatar has launched a campaign to build boundary walls in Nepal-India borders. With the conclusion that due to the open borders, the Indian side has encroached our land and the Indian security force are launching attacks on the Nepali people, the youths have launched a campaign to put pressure on the Nepal government to construct boundary walls in Nepal-India borders.
    Raju Dumre is the international coordinator for Middle-East and central spokesperson of the Campaign whereas the coordinator from Nepal for this campaign is artist Nabal Khadka and Sushil Kunwar. The youths have stated that they will launch world-wide campaign to construct border walls.
    Gobinda Gautam was killed by the Indian Seema Surakchya Bal in Kanchanpur recently. After the incident, the non-resident Nepalis in Qatar have decided to launch campaign to construct border walls in Nepal-India borders.
    Although our leaders and the Indian leaders laude open borders as an example of excellent and unique relations between the two nations, the Indians are encroaching our soil by taking benefit of such open borders. The Indians are demolishing border pillars but our India-puppet political leaders are unable to oppose the Indians. When Gautam was killed in Kanchanpur, the Nepali people had put strong pressure to the government to ask India for apology but until now the Indian authorities have not apologized.
    According to Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Nepal covers a total area of 147,181 Sq km. But in reality, the territory of Nepal is gradually shrinking due to increasing encroachment by India.
    The reports prepared by Buddhi Narayan Shrestha renowned border expert after thorough survey proves that India has encroached about 59,970 hectares of Nepali territory in 54 points in 21 districts adjoining India in the east, west and South. But if the areas affected by the unilateral activities of our southern neighbor such as construction of dams and irrigation projects are considered as encroachment, the number increases to 85 points.
    To save our territory, construction of border-walls is necessary. Furthermore, to curb smuggling, criminal activities and also terrorist activities the Nepal government should start construction of boundary walls in the Nepal-India borders. If borders are kept opened, the international terrorist groups may take benefit of the situation and they can carry-out cross border terrorism in Nepal and there is also possibility of carrying out terrorist activities in India and in China by using Nepali soil by international terrorist organisations.
    Just recently, the Supreme Court has also asked the government to regulate the Nepal-India borders by keeping record of those who are travelling across the country. India also should understand that it can be harmful to keep the Nepal-India bordersopen.
    Our political leaders must develop the courage to tell the reality to the Indian leaders. Our security organs, including the Nepal Army should hold talks with their counterpart in India to regulate the Nepal-India borders.


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