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FNCCI’s first female president, Golchha senior VP

  • Published on: April 12, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    FNCCiBhawani Rana has made a record by becoming the first female president of the FNCCI president from the 51th general assembly of the umbrella organization of the business sector in the country.
    Rana, who served as the senior vice-president in the previous executive committee of the FNCCI, has assumed the office as the president.
    In accordance to the organization’s statute, Rana, senior vice president in the last executive committee was elected the president unopposed.
    After an amendment in the constitution last year, the post of the senior vice president has become important as the senior vice president will be the president for the next term. Young business leader Shekhar Golchha has been elected to this key post by defeating Kishor Pradhan. Almost all candidates from Golchha’s panel have won the FNCCI election.


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