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A pocket guide to the birds of Nepal

  • Published on: April 19, 2017

  • image001A pocket guide to the birds of Nepal is a book where photo of birds and their description is written. Images from non-digital media as early as 1992 to recent digital ones as of October 2016 have been included. In this book there are collections of some common and uncommon birds found in Nepal. This is a very handy book for people who want to know about birds in Nepal while they travel or go for trekking, jungle safari etc.
    In this book there are 252 bird species photographs of Nepal with descriptions, what type of food they eat, what type of sound they make (voice), their habitat, actual locations and dates of the photographs taken, IUCN (international Union for Conservation and Nature) status including endangered species and colour tab index for quick reference. This book also has names of bird in Nepali which makes it easier to detect the bird as most of the people may only know the names of the birds in Nepali or in English.
    The writer has also mentioned some popular bird watching spots where people can find different species of birds, its habitat and best time to travel and also the distance of the place from Kathmandu.

    (Reviewed by Kushal Thapa)


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