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Free govt website access to NT users

  • Published on: May 2, 2017

  • Nepal_TelecomMobile phone subscribers of Nepal Telecom (NT) can now browse government websites with no data charges.
    According to the state-owned operator, NT users can access 550 different websites having ‘gov.np’ domain free of cost. “We started the new facility from the first day of New Year 2074 BS. We are hopeful that it will help our customers to get information about the government agencies more easily,” Kamini Rajbhandari, the managing director of NT said.
    NT has also kept the list of websites that its subscribers can browse free of cost on its website.
    Likewise, NT has also started providing 3G services at Rara Lake area of Mugu district.
    “NT has been providing 3G services in the Rara Lake area from mid-April. It has helped both domestic and foreign tourists to get easy access to telecommunication services. The technology has proved beneficial for NT customers near Rara Lake and Talcha Airport,” Rajbhandari said at a press meet organized by the NT in Kathmandu.
    Meanwhile, NT is also laying down optical ground wire (OPGW) in different parts of the country. “Under the project, we aim to lay down 1,000 km of optical fiber. Once optical fiber is laid, customers in rural areas of the country can use voice, data and video calling service very easily,” Pratibha Baidhya, the spokesperson for the NT, said. She further added that 66 districts will be connected to optical fiber network once the project is completed.


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