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Is noise pollution harmful than air pollution?

  • Published on: May 2, 2017

  • By Sushant Shrestha
    SushantaAlarge number of Kathmanduties is suffering from different viral diseases. The reason behind these diseases is air pollution rather than noise pollution. Eachand every individual knows about this. I believe the government also knows about it. Oddly, why the government is taking wrong decisions and implementing wrong plans! Instead of minimizing air pollution in the city, it is busy in “No Horn” campaign. The government has introduced some policies and programs to reduce noise pollution in the city and mitigate the risks. Where are such steps against the air pollution?According to the Pollution Index 2016published by Serbia-based research website Numbeo.com, Kathmandu stands third with the index of 96.66. The real cause of this pollution is not onlysmog but also the unplanned developmental activities and the crossed limit of private vehicles. Beside these problems we also have a solution. After more than 10 years of load shedding we have finally been provided with electricity24/7. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to overcome energy shortage.Taking benefit of the NEA efforts the government should give top priority to e-vehicles rather than the diesel/petrol operating vehicles. Reportssay that diesel vehicles should be avoided as far as possible, as diesel exhaust is very much known for its harmful activities. Kathmandu Metropolitan should introduce stricter emission rules in a phase wise manner, with a view of minimizing diesel vehicles, by informing the general public about the hazard of such things.This step may work to restore the lost glory of Kathmandu as green, clean and pollution free city.


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