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Leaders practicing autocracy; system has collapsed

  • Published on: May 2, 2017

  • By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
    Sushila-Karki-260x140The two cases of misuse of the impeachment motion against CIAA chief Lokman Singh and Supreme Court chief justice SushilaKarki, has clearly provided the evidence that the present constitution has collapsed. In both the cases, the political leaders have been very badly exposed.
    Misuse of impeachment:
    SC CJ SuchilaKarki faced impeachment as she denied accepting the decisions made by the political parties in the government. The Maoist Center was unhappy with CJ Karki as the SC asked the government to arrest BalkrishnaDhungel who is accused of murder committed during the insurgency period. The SC had ordered the government to arrest Dhungel within one week. Likewise, NC president SherBahadurDeuba was unhappy with Karki since the SC altered the government decision of appointing junior officer to the Nepal Police IGP. DIG Jaya Bahadur Chand, who was third in seniority among the DIGs. Senior most DIG NavarajSilwal had claimed himself as the candidate to the post of IGP, had knocked the Court door for justice. When the SC asked the government to assign senior most DIG to the post of IGP, the government promoted DIG PrakashAryal. Against the decision, Silwal had filed another case and the case is still under the Court’s consideration. Deuba was afraid that Karki would give the verdict to change the government decision and reward Silwalto the post of IGP. Therefore, in a hurry, the government had decided to register impeachment motion against Karki. Also, the SC was looking after a corruption case in the Nepal Police, on the purchase of armored vehicles for the Nepal police Peace Keeping Mission in Sudan. Many NC leaders are learnt to have been involved in this scam. Therefore, Deuba was afraid of being exposed in the scam. Whatsoever be the allegations put against Karki, the main reason is that she denied giving impunity to the culprits involved in serious crimes like murder and also those who were involved in rampant corruption. It is learnt that PM PushpakamalDahal had sent Barshaman Pun to negotiate with Karki, but she had denied responding to PM Dahal. Likewise, Deuba had phoned to Karki for consideration on the corruption cases under the Court’s consideration. When she refused to respond to both the leaders, the impeachment motion was registered in the parliament to suspend Karki. In fact, on 7 June, Karki was going to retire. There was no need to register any impeachment motion against her, but with the fear that before her retirement Karki could give verdict on cases related to Deuba’s concerns, the impeachment motion was registered in the parliament. However, considering the present existence of the Parliament the impeachment motion is not going to be endorsed.
    Leaders protecting corruption:
    When the then CIAA chief tried to open some files related to corruption in which senior leaders from the Maoist Center and UML were involved, overnight, an impeachment motion was registered against CIAA chief Karki. If Karki had been able to open the corruption files, many of the senior leaders would have been jailed for investigation. Again, SC CJ Karki faced an impeachment motion as she had tried to expose corrupt leaders. Both the impeachments are related to the political leaders protecting corruption cases. The leaders misused the impeachment motion to hide their corruption and to give impunity to the culprits committing serious crimes.
    Fake signatures:
    In the impeachment against CIAA chief, the Maoist Center had submitted signatures collected for another purpose. It is learnt that MPs belonging to the Maoist Center had submitted their signature demanding installation of transformer for electricity supply. Later, the very signature was used for impeachment. Accordingly, this time, the signatures collected to file a vote of no-confidence against the then PM KP Sharma Oli were used to file impeachment motion against CJ Karki.
    Dictatorial attitude:
    Supreme leaders of NC, UML and Maoist Center are found abusing their authority, or say, they are performing as if they are superior than the law. Not only in the impeachment cases on both the Karkis, but also in other issues, many times, they are involved in rampant violation of the constitution drafted and promulgated by themselves. They are involved in recruiting party-men as the justices; assigning party workers as ambassadors and also uplifting party workers as the officers in the civil service. On the whole, by ending independent existence of the judiciary and also legislature the party leaders have tried to make defunct these constitutional organs. These are the evidences that the system has collapsed.


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