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Cease-fire between executive and judiciary

  • Published on: May 10, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba have decided to adopt a “wait and see” strategy for the time being. Following a serious meeting between Dahal and Deuba on Sunday, both the leaders have reached to a conclusion to see the attitude of the Supreme Court. After such a conclusion, the Parliament has been adjourned until 18 May.
    On 5 May, immediately after the interim order against the impeachment motion, Dahal, Deuba, attorney general Raman Shrestha, Dahal’s legal advisor Ramnarayan Bidari and NC leader Ramchandra Poudel held an emergency meeting to initiate a new strategy.
    In the meeting, firstly, it was decided to file another impeachment motion against Justice Cholendra S Rana. Raman Shrestha had floated such an idea. Finally, the meeting reached to a conclusion to take a middle path for face saving sake. They decided to hold talks with Oli, who is against the impeachment and also with CJ Karki for negotiations. According to the decision of the meeting, the impeachment motion registered in the parliament should not be brought into Parliament’s discussion, rather,it should be sent to the parliamentary committee and dismiss the case. However, both Oli and Karki rejected this proposal. Oli had asked to take back the impeachment motion by NC and MC.
    Secondly, the meeting also decided to create a propaganda to defame Justice Rana. An artificial plot was developed with the allegation that three days ahead of Rana’s verdict, a secret meeting was held at Nirmal Niwas in which President Vidya Bhandari, Oli, Kamal Thapa and former King Gyanendra and justice Cholendra Rana were present. The artificial plot further goes to make the allegation that the secret meeting had developed a plan of reinstating Karki to fail the present system with the plan of restoration of monarchy. This message was spread in some media. Some Online portals have also produced this story.
    Impeachment against speaker:
    Oli, asking the NC and MC to take back the impeachment motion, had warned to register an impeachment motion against speaker Onsari Ghartimagar. In reaction, Deuba and Dahal had said, if the UML would take such a decision, the NC and MC will file an impeachment motion against President Vandari. If it would have happened, then there would be an acting speaker from RPP and the acting president would be from Maoist Center.
    UML has also collected signature from its MPs to file impeachment motion against the speaker.

    Delhi was against CJ Karki?
    Sources claim that PM Pushpakamal Dahal is taking every decision only after consultations with Delhi. Earlier to filing the impeachment motion against CJ Sushila Karki also, Dahal had taken Delhi’s permission.
    It is said that Delhi was not happy with Sushila Karki after the Supreme Court verdict on the amendment of the constitution. The Court’s verdict was against the re-demarcation of the boundaries of the provinces by the present parliament. The Court had clearly stated that the province could be re-demarked by the court. Therefore, Delhi was not happy with Karki and thus, Delhi had given a green signal to Dahal for suspending her just before one month of her retirement.


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