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Major parties forge alliance to win polls

  • Published on: May 10, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    talmelPolitical parties have once proved that everything is possible in politics and no one is permanent enemy in politics by forging alliance to capture more seats of the local units.
    While the CPN-UML and the Rastriya Prajatantra Party decided to forge alliance in many local units, Nepali Congress and the Maoist Centre have also forged alliance in four metropolis.
    According to the NC-Maoist alliance, Maoists will vote for the NC’s mayoral candidates in Pokhara, Kathmandu and Lalitpur mentropolis and NC will support Maoist mayoral candidate in Chitwan.  Accordingly, NC will vote for the Deputy Mayors of the Maoist in three metropolis and Maoists will vote to NC deputy mayors in Chitwan.
    Likewise, CPN-UML has mayoral candidates in all four metropolis and RPP deputy mayors.
    These four parties have also forged alliance in other municipalities and Gaunpalikas. Interestingly, in some Gaunpalikas NC and UML have forged alliance whereas in others Maoist and UML are contesting the polls together.
    However, NC voters are not happy with the party leadership for forging alliance with the Maoists stating that NC could win the election on its own strength in three metropolis.  They were angrier when the NC president withdrew NC candidate from the mayoral post of Bharatpur, a stronghold of NC and decided to support Maoist candidate Renu Dahal. It looks likely that many NC voters will cast their votes for UML or RPP candidate instead of Dahal. Even in Kathmandu, where 8 of the 10 parliamentary seats were won by NC in 2013 election, the voters have not been happy with the alliance between NC and Maoist.
    “We will win the election in Kathmandu, but now we will not be having our deputy mayor candidate,” an NC activist said.
    However, RPP and Maoist-Centre are likely to benefit more from the alliance as these two parties have not been in position to win the post of mayors and deputy mayors in all metropolis and municipalities if they contested the election without forging alliance with the big parties.
    When the parties have forged alliance in the centre, fights among the cadrers of the rival parties have been on rise outside the valley.
    The NC cadres thrashed Maoist activists in Rukum and UML candidates and activists in Syangja.


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