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Prime Minister Dahal to step-down

  • Published on: May 17, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced to resign to pave the way for NC president SherBahadurDeuba to become new prime minister.
    Dahal said on Monday that he would quit the post by addressing the parliament.
    Dahal, who became the PM in the backing of NC and in the support of New Delhi, in August last year is quitting the post as per the gentleman agreement between him and Deuba.
    During his 10-month tenure, Dahal did two important things—holding the local poll and signing the OBOR understanding with China.
    Dahal has decided to step down without holding the second phase local poll scheduled for June 31. His resignation and Deuba’s enthronement have made the holding of the second phase poll uncertain because Deuba had earned a bad name for his inability to hold any elections in the past. He was dismissed by former king Gyanendra in 2002 for his inability to hold the announced parliamentary elections.
    Anyway, the country is soon going to have the most incompetent prime minister of history. Deuba is the politician who introduced all the ills of parliamentary system of democracy during his first inning as PM in 1995.


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