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Ryan Elisabeth Reid exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery

  • Published on: May 17, 2017

  • image005Early this year, Ryan Elisabeth Reid, an American postmodern dancer and choreographer had turned Kathmandu into a studio where for the first time different generations of women came together to explore themselves in the same space and time. She had led a performance called AAMAA which was exhibited at Taragaon Museum, in late March, as a part of the Kathmandu Triennale.
    Later this week at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Reid is exhibiting the processes behind AAMAA through a five-day exhibit—Ma : A history of Us. The exhibition, according to organisers, will again ‘unravel and open up the experiences of multi-generational women from Nepal.’ At the exhibition the performers will express themselves as individuals and as a group of women through live performances spanning across five days.
    Besides the performances, the exhibition will also feature pictures, installations, drawings and other exhibits. Audiences can participate by doing scores—actions that lead to performance and choreography—provided throughout the exhibition through drawing, dancing, resting, watching, smelling, playing, and performing.
    Alongside Reid, dancers Keepa Maskey, Bijaya Tripathi, Arpana Lama, Mithila Sharma, Agria, Honey Shrestha, Rejishna Khati, Jenisha Maharjan, Subima Shrestha, Sumnima Sampang, and Pooja Gurung will be performing at the exhibition.
    The exhibition will go on from May 19 till May 23 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babarmahal.


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