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UML emerges as a strong party

  • Published on: May 17, 2017

  • By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
    9-07042017092605-1000x0Until the writing of this report on Tuesday, the UML was leading in the voting result of the local election. The Nepali Congress, the largest party in the last CA elections, was following the UML. It is shameful that the Maoist Center, which had become the largest party in the first CA elections, has is in the third position. In the second CA elections also, the then CPNMaoist and now Maoist Center, had to satisfy in the third position. In the past three years, after the second CA elections, the Maoist Center has not been able to improve its organization and also unable to attract the voters on its side. Of course, PushpakamalDahal, the supreme leader of the Center is claiming that his party has achieved a great historical victory by declaring Nepal a secular federal republic. He is time and again saying that in the process of institutionalization of these achievements, the local elections were just an initial step. He has claimed that the first phase of the local election is the start of the process for implementation of the constitution. And with the elections of the parliament before 21 January, 2018 the present constitution is going to be implemented fully, he says confidently. However, considering the result of the local elections, one can understand that the general public has not accepted the agenda of a secular, federal republic. From the votes received by RPP also, one can assume the public mood.
    RPP could do better: Different sources had assumed that RPP was going to emerge as the third force. Nevertheless, when RPP came to rescue the government in the process of amendment of the constitution and joined the government, the voters – having belief in a Hindu kingdom – became suspicious and they have cast their votes for the UML candidates. UML, on the other hand, showed a patriotic stance by opposing division of Tarai districts with the hill districts and stood against the amendment of the constitution. Therefore, the UML was able to bag votes of non-UML voters also.
    Clear message: The UML took a patriotic stance and the party could bag the largest number of local units, whereas the NC and MC showed a surrendering attitude to the power centers in Delhi, thus they turned to the second and third parties. This gives a strong message that the public sentiment is against the Lhendup path; the people hate foreign intervention and intimidation. If the NC and MC will continue to surrender, both the parties will become much weak in the coming elections. Of course, there is the mentality among the political leaders that without foreign backing, they cannot sustain themselves. The UML has given a strong message against such a mentality.


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