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Unmanaged traffic system

  • Published on: May 17, 2017

  • By Sushant Shrestha
    image00111Kathmandu is the main hub and widely known as the heart of the Nepal. This city consists of all the major educational institutions, hospitals, a wide range of markets, and different ministries of the country. The vehicle in the road always seems to be crowded and the number of vehicles increases in the peak hour. As a result, there is too much traffic jam and the vehicles take a long time to travel in the valley. Motorbikes are always in a hurry to overtake and sometimes they even capture the footpath designed for pedestrians to walk. It is always hard to cross the road in this city and sometimes it even takes more than 5 minutes.
    Due to the unmanaged traffic system, both pedestrian and traffic has to pass through this problem every day. In each and every cross road an individual can see a dozen of traffic police busy in managing the smooth flow of vehicles. But they are not so successful in smoothening the traffic. So, for the better flow of traffic, over-head bridges should be constructed in the most crowded area. It is not necessary to deploy traffic police in each and every cross road. It is a total waste of country’s economy. In spite of those traffic police, CCTV cameras and traffic light sare sufficient for controlling the traffics. The sum spend in traffic police’s salary is very high. Rather than this, maintenance of traffic light would be more economic and sustainable too. And the traffic manpower and traffic budget can be invested in further development activities.Before, all traffic lights used to work properly. But due to the carelessness of municipal bodies and bad maintenance of those lights, they have been of no use now.


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