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Future of RPP

  • Published on: May 24, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnRastriya Prajantra Party (RPP) is a party having nationwide network. The two political parties RPP and RPPN, after unification, had emerged as the fourth force in the present parliament. Many well-wishers had expected that in the present local elections, RPP would emerge as the third force. Contrary to such an expectation, with the result of the local elections, the party has to be satisfied with receiving only one chairman of a rural municipality and perhaps some positions as vice chairman and ward chiefs in some other municipalities. Party supporters and well-wishers have expressed strong dissatisfaction against the party leadership, stating that the party has been badly defeated due to the opportunist behavior of the party leaders. In the first CA elections, RPPN was able to bag only four seats, that also from the proportional election. In the second CA elections, the party made a big jump by securing 25 seats in the CA. The party’s patriotic stance along with the agenda of Hindu Kingdom was admired by the voters and thus, they had voted for RPPN. RPPN was heading towards an encouraging path with another move of unification with RPP having 12 MPs in the parliament. So far, along with gaining strength of 37 MPs in the parliament and sweeping the party election, the party leadership seems to have remained passive on its fundamental agenda. Gradually, the agenda of Hindu Kingdom was used to appreciate the present constitution by the party, saying it one of the best constitution in the world. Voters became confused with the RPP role. RPP leadership, by forgetting the party agenda, started to play the role of kingmaker. RPPN joined the KP Sharma Oli led coalition government “to support” Oli’s patriotic stance. Again, after unification RPP leadership joined the NC-MC coalition government “to hold” the local elections in time. Of late, the RPP leadership became ready to amend the constitution by fulfilling the demands of those Madheshi parties carrying Delhi’s agendas at the time when UML was taking a stance to fail the constitution amendment bill saying that it was against the nation’s interests. RPP’s such changing attitude was opposed by about 10 MPs who disappeared on the day of voting on the amendment bill. Immediately, according to reports, the RPP leadership was found giving reaction that former king Gyanendra had a role in hiding the 10 RPP MPs and even warned to delete the agenda of Hindu Kingdom from the party statute. As such reactions of the RPP leadership became viral in social networks, those patriotic people who had voted for the then RPPN, were disgusted and perhaps turned towards the UML. The UML leadership has agreed that that the UML’s patriotic line has contributed to increase its vote by 10 percent. The prime mandate received by RPP is restoration of the Hindu Kingdom. If RPP forgets this people’s mandate, then, there remains no future for RPP, it would be better if it merges either with the NC or the UML. The RPP leadership should not forget that they have no mandate to join the government, rather, they are for playing the opposition role.
    In spite of Delhi’s conspiracy to finish the UML, it has emerged as the number one party and,it is hoped, it will continue to secure better position even then in the second phase elections. The UML has given a clear message that there is a large space for a patriotic party. Of course, Delhi toppled down the KP Oli led government by developing an unnatural alliance between NC, a democratic party and MC, having an extremist communist ideology. The plan was to finish Oli’s political career.
    When MC gave up its ideology by adopting the path of surrendering, it is continuously being declining from being the No. 1 political force in the first CA elections to the third force in the second CA elections and in the local elections as well. Furthermore, the UML has given a message that a political party can remain strong even defying Delhi’s order. This message is not only for a particular party but also to all the political forces that the political leaders need not become the slaves of India for their political existence.


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