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Government to announce full Budget

  • Published on: May 24, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The caretaker government has prepared to launch a full budget for the next fiscal year on May 29.
    The government decided to table the budget amidst debate whether the government can present budget before holding the local poll slated for June 14. However, the Election Commission has permitted the government to present the budget before the poll.
    However, the budget will not include any new programme.
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Krishna BahadurMahara Monday informed that the government would bring the new fiscal year budget without including new programme.
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Maharasaid the new budget for the fiscal 2017-18 would not incorporate any new programme and would only give continuity to the existing government programmes.
    Mahara said the government would bring a full budget in accordance with the ceiling fixed by the National Planning Commission as mandated by the constitution on May 29.
    According to Mahara, the budget will focus on completing the national pride projects and holding the provincial and federal elections.


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