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Isn’t Deuba heading to retain his 2002 title?

  • Published on: May 24, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    It seems NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba who is becoming Prime Minister of Nepal in the next two weeks will retain his 2002 title of ‘incompetent’ after a gap of 15 years.
    He has not been able to become Prime Minister since February 2005 when he was not only sacked from the post of prime minister but also was put in house arrest. In 12 years since 2005 he consolidated his strength in his party and became party president and parliamentary party leader of NC.
    Indeed, the mysterious demise of SushilKoirala in February 2016 paved the way for Deuba’s ascent to power in the party by winning the election in the 13th general convention of the party held a few weeks after Koirala’s demise.
    Now he is all set to replace Pushpa Kamal Dahal  and become ninth prime minister of republic of Nepal. Interestingly, his first task will be to hold the second phase of local election on June 14.
    However, many people suspect whether Deuba will be able to hold the poll becauseDeuba has a very bad record in terms of holding any election. Indeed, Deuba had not held any election though he led the government for four times in the past.
    Instead, he was conferred on a title of ‘incompetent’ by the then king Gyanendra in October 2002 for failing to hold the parliamentary election.
    The king sacked him on October 4 calling him ‘Ashaksham’ or ‘incompetent’ prime minister for his inability to hold the election.
    Two years later, the king again appointed him PM, but sacked him again in February 2005 with the same title—unable to maintain law and order.
    Now again, he is almost sure to be in soup as he has the responsibility to hold the local poll in province No 1, 2, 5 and 7  by amending the statute as the Madhes-based parties are threatening to disrupt the poll if it is orgainsed without amending the constitution. But amending constitution is impossible as CPN-UML is against the amendment. And without amendment, election will be impossible.  The ultimate result: Deuba will retain the title of ‘incompetent’ again.
    Indeed, Deuba has a bad track record in the parliamentary history of Nepal. He gives more importance to power and resorts to any measure to reach the power. He had introduced all the ills of parliamentary system in Nepal by sending the lawmakers to Bangkok to fail the no trust motion. He introduced the culture of ‘Prado’ and ‘Pajero’.
    Moreover, he even breached the NC to remain in power and dissolved the parliament creating a vacuums. Deuba is as responsible as Maoist boss Pushpa Kamal Dahal for the political instability in the country.
    A few months ago, he met the representatives of Dalai Lama and recently he abused the provision of impeachment by registering impeachment motion against chief Justice SushilaKarki which resulted in the defeat of party in the metropolitan Cities and municipalities.
    The past of Deuba and the latest political situation in the country may not prevent him from retaining his 2002 title!


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