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When will Deuba become PM?

  • Published on: May 24, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    DeubaUnder the strong pressure of NC president SherBahadurDeuba, PM PushpakamalDahalwas planning to tender resignation on Tuesday by addressing the Parliament. As UML created obstacle in running the parliament business, Dahal was unable to address the Parliament.  Dahal could tender resignation to President VidyaBhandari if he had really wished to step-down.
    UML has opposed the government decision for increasing the number of local units on the eve of the second phase local elections. UML has said that it will continue to obstruct the Parliament until the government takes back the decision.  If UML will continue to create obstacle, Deuba has to wait for a long time to become the PM.
    Earlier, it was decided that after submitting resignation, Dahal would work as a caretaker prime minister until the election of SherBahadurDeuba to the top government post. It was expected that by next two weeks, Deuba will be elected as the new prime minister.
    Dahal was in a mood to tender his resignation only after conducting the second phase local elections scheduled for 14 June, but Deuba put pressure on Dahal to tender his resignation as per the ‘gentleman’s agreement” held between them before the formation of the present government. Dahal had even lobbied to the RamchandraPoudel camp in the NC and also the leaders of the Madheshi parties to put pressure on him for not quitting from the post until the second phase of local elections were held. However, Deuba didn’t listen to Dahal. Therefore, Dahal had decided to tender his resignation, however, he has not chosen the proper path of tendering his resignation.


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