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Deuba to succeed PM Dahal

  • Published on: May 31, 2017

  • By Our Reporter  
    Sher-Bahadur-Deuba-BiographyAfter the UML ended the obstruction of the parliament proceedings, the house business has resumed and immediately after the President asked to elect a new prime minister through a majority, NC president SherBahadurDeuba is going to give his candidature for the post. The UML is not going to allow Deuba to become a prime minister unopposed. Somebody from the UML is also believed to be giving candidature for the post of PM.
    Earlier, with the demand of withdrawal of the impeachment motion against Supreme Court chief justice SushilaKarki, the UML had not allowed to run the parliament. After the leaders from the three parties NC, UML and MC, the NC and MC leaders decided to withdraw the impeachment motion against the SC CJ Karki and the UML has allowed the parliament to run smoothly. From this decision, the door has been opened for election of the PM. Perhaps, this week, Deuba, prime minister in waiting, will become the new PM with a majority.
    PM Dahal had tendered his resignation on Wednesday afternoon last week by organizing a press conference at his office in Singhadurwar after he failed to address the parliament due to disruption of the parliament business by the UML.
    In fact, Dahal was willing to hold the second-phase of local elections by the government led by him. On this, he had lobbied to the RJP leaders and also asked the opposition camp in the NC and UML as well. The UML had disrupted the parliament affairs with the intention of prolonging the tenure of Dahal.
    However, Delhi became suspicious with Dahal’s intention while seeing possibilities of a new alliance between the UML and MC, without any delay, Delhi had asked Dahal to tender his resignation.


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