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Do or die alone can preserve our dignity and honour-II

  • Published on: May 31, 2017

  • madan-regmiQ: Do you think the entire community of Nepalese youths wants to abandon the country? What is the reason?
    Ans: You can see by yourself and you also know what you want. Most of the youths with whom I have chance to interact becomes unhappy when I suggest them to stay in the country and build their future living with their own parents or in-close proximity so that the old parents will at least have a feeling that in dire need there is someone to take care of them. The first answer I get from them is that qualification, merit and honesty is of no value here. In the contest the weakest candidate has far better chance to bag the coveted job because of the power backing. Besides favouritism, nepotism and bribing is the deciding factor. The second answer is there is no development in the country. The powerful parities have their respective share reserved in every institutions like universities and government hospitals. The third is the politicians have no sense of the fast changing world, the innovations and technology.
    They have scores of complain and reason to be unhappy and they know if they are good students they can be in the best universities of the world. These days even a farmer who has a small piece of land sells it and arrange therequirements for his children’s entry in the institutions of the developed world and it is being done. A father just a peon earning 10,000 per month prefers to sell his land to send his children to a developed world where son/daughter can earn the invested amount in less than a year. In Nepal it seems that from every household some if the young members are outside the country. For education they prefer to go to the West and for less educated and uneducated and even for engineers and overshares, nurses and doctors they go to Arab countries. And their sent remittance money keeps this countries’ economy going and provides better life to millions and millions of Nepalese.
    Q: Which country do you think is the prime attraction for the Nepalese youths?
    Ans: The prime attraction is of course USA and in the USA our Nepalese youths are making very good debut. Their talent has been well recognised. My contemporary friends in USA whom I met during their sojourn in Kathmandu tell me that Nepalese of different generations are living in the US. The first generation had to work very hard then the next generation as the next generation were having smooth life, prestigious position in the society and economically prosperous too. It is the freedom and the rule of law and similar values makes the USA the best and powerful country in the world. I think the USA is the next home for the Nepalese where they enjoy their rights and fulfil their duties.
    The US has given refuge even to the Nepalese refugees from Bhutan. If you remember when the Bhutanese regime resorted to ethnic cleansing of Nepalese diaspora by the insinuation and backing of Delhi, Nepal had to give shelter to over onehundred thousand Nepalese Bhutanese refugees. In fact Delhi and Thimpu had jointly committed crime against humanity and these Nepalese Bhutanese were forced to enter Nepal. Finally after bearing overdecades of suffering in the refugee camp of Jhapa. 80% of these refugees found their new home in the USA. Such human approach makes the USA a great and a unique nation.
    But the old and disable Bhutanese refugee in thousands are still in the refugee camp waiting for their last breadth. I am citing here the Nepalese Bhutanese refugees saga in order to remind the world that how brutal and savage Delhi has been towards the Nepalese community, whether they are in their occupied territory of Nepal or in Bhutan or in Sikkim or elsewhere and on the other side a nation (US) which is thousands and thousands of miles away from Bhutan and Nepal have demonstrated its compassion for the suffering people by accepting a huge number of them in their soil.
    We were talking about the attraction of USA. Everybody agrees that U.S is the land of opportunity. It has best research institutes, universities, best and up to date technology. The U.S is also land of innovation and discoveries. It is amazing out of 400 top universities of the world overwhelming numbers are in the U.S. And most of the people of the world are attracted by the freedom in America and the rule of law. But I don’t mean that the U.S society is having only bright side, it also has bad side. The gun culture is still powerful and the exploitation of the poor continues to exist. Racism is another bad element though it is waning. Barrack Obama, a black becoming the president clearly testifies the fact that Martin Luther King’s dream is steadily turning into a reality. Thus,the US “the land of migrants” is the major attraction, a land of opportunity and the most beautiful country in the world.
    Australia is now the second attraction of the Nepalese youths. Canada and other Western countries are also there. Students in increasing number are going to China. China is investing a lot in education and research. And several of its Universities are ranked top in the world. Nepalese students are also going to Bangladesh, Thailand and Philippines. But student going to India has declined. I think Nepalese students and job seekers are making their inroad in every continent.
    With Donald Trump as President the image of the US is being looked upon a bit differently. Especially the people of other countries who think America as a dream land and land of opportunity are bit suspicious of this new administration. They deemto think the present president Donald Trump will resort to very tight and restrictive immigration laws which can reduce attraction of U.S. But I believe Donald Trump has every right to adopt measures to make U.S secure and claim America first. I don’t think people should feel bad about his patriotic deliberations. I don’t think he will be resorting to unilateralist and interventionist policy. My Nepalese friends in the U.S find no difference between the previous and new administration. But yet for the migrants life is becoming increasingly difficult these days. Though the restriction is only imposed on the illegal immigrants. For the students and the right persons the US is free and open as before.
    Q. How do you see Sino U.S relation?
    Ans: It is becoming very good now. The two day U.S – China summit in Florida has been very useful to bring these two great powers together to solve the crisis and make the world secure and peaceful. Both, Chinese president Xi Jinpingand the U.S president Donald Trump is believed to have developed strong personal relation. Chinese President Xi is a very visionary leader and he has a broad concept of the world and his thoughts are inspiring and enlightening.
    Q. Do you think signing the OBOR initiative can change Delhi’s outlook of Prachanda?
    Ans: I don’t think. Prachanda has served their interest in major issue. Don’t forget the toppling of the Oli’s government and the cancellation of President Xi’s visit to Nepal. But signing the OBOR initiative is a good work and it will help Nepal.
    Q. Do you think this current relation between China and US, which Henry Kissinger defined as of roller-coaster nature,is far better than the previous democratic administration?
    Ans: I think it is, will and must. China and US are two great powers. Without their joint effort the complicated problems of the world cannot be solved whether it may be problem of any nature. If Chia and U.S has resorted to trade war, the world economy will have been deep trouble. Now the chance of trade war has receded. It looks like China and US have agreed to avoid confrontation by introducing ways to meet the economic aspiration of both sides and also to work together in troubled areas of the world. It is not only the Korean peninsula which is at the risk of great disaster but also South Asia where the nuclear rivals –Pakistan and India- are heading for big trouble in the entire region even when they are aware that they themselves will have to bear the brunt first. I personally feel as citizen of other South Asian countries, India is very aggressive and hegemonistic since its creation by Britain in 1947i.efrom its days from inception, its quest has been to expand their territory granted to it by its creator. During its expansionist quest of nearly 65 years, it has annexed several countries. The last victim was Sikkim. India’s creator British empire has managed for the continuity of its imperialism in South Asia. Thus never decolonized and liberated those independent countries which fought bravely with it. But the tryst of destiny in South Asia has been so unholy that Nehru a citizen of Kashmir and a khas invaded his own mother land.
    Q. How is China India relation?
    Ans: They have so many problems from border to trade. India thinks China is its competitor and has hardly been friendly to China. However, China which is the second largest economy in the world with 15 trillion economy has never considered India as its competitor. China is also investing over 20 billion U.S dollars in India. In recent years India is also improving its economy and the trade between China and India in 2016 was 65 billion dollars. I don’t know how much Modi’s bid to boycott the Chinese goods has succeeded. He perhaps knows that China trade with India is meagre compared to Chinas trade with U.S, Europe, South Korea Africa, Latin America and other countries like Japan.But it seems that China will always try to have good relation with India and solve their outstanding problem including that of the border very amicably. It is very well featured in various instances where Beijing went even out of the way and its principle stand to appease India.
    Q. What do you say about the increasing Nepal trade deficit with India?
    Ans: India has turned Nepal into its monopoly market. The deficit will definitely grow because the Nepal government policy is to encourage import from Indian. Both the Indian products and the labourers to speak truly we have yet to have our Nepalese government in Nepal who gives priority to national development and wellbeing of the people. Just try to know the politicians in the helms. They hardly know our need and problems for the Nepalese products in the market. You asked me about the trade deficit isn’t it? yes it is amazing and huge. Officially Nepal’s trade deficit between India is said to be in between five to six billions US dollars. I have not heard any so called Nepali economist exploring the reality of the deficit. From my own and research of the impartial economist who doesn’t want to be named quietly agree that Nepal’s trade deficit with Indian is between 25 to 30 billion US dollars and even more. And to note till early 90’s Nepal was India’s second largest import market.You know India has imposed open border on us and we don’t even know how many millions of people from India are staying in Nepal and have acquired Nepali citizenship. Mr.Rajnath Singh, the Indian home minister once said over 10 million Indians are in Nepal but later on it retracted. I believe most of these people have acquired Nepalese citizenship.So, Delhi always has a confidence that the Nepalese Tarai is in its grip. Very recently Indian PM NarendraModi reportedly said during his visit to Sri Lanka that Nepal is heading for a big trouble. A friend of mine in the US had recorded Modi’s version of the coming trouble in Nepal. Some of these friends told me that perhaps he is preparing for another turmoil in Tarai.A new blockade?? Or perpetrating terrorism like in the last blockade?? I don’t think Modi will resort to blockade but he will definitely try to destabilize the country if its conditions are not met. I think the Nepalese people are prepared to take on the India perpetrated turmoil and violence in Tarai. During the last blockade India brutality was exposed and the Nepalese people from Tarai to Hill displayed their readiness to take on Indian aggression in whatever form it may be. The people living of our Tarai are of multi ethnic group are patriot and have confronted with Indian BSF several times. Someone was telling me that this time Mr NarendraModi will be sending his army. This fellow was India’s man and I told him let them try and also reminded him how certain areas in the plain had become the graveyard of British Generals and Commanders during Anglo Nepal war (1814-16) and reminded him Nepal’s fighting capability.
    Q. What about Korean crisis?
    Ans: The crisis in Korean peninsula have yet to find a way out and for the solution. The concerned parties are perhaps going to sit together as before. If not properly handled and restrained is not observed by both US and North Korea the crisis may can take any turn. We shouldn’t forget the last Korean war. But I don’t think it is as explosive as being projected. My argument on this is that no country can afford to go for a nuclear war. Apart from it, there is always a solution to every problem.the hope for peaceful resolution for Korean crisis that has emerged out of the understanding between US president Trump and Chinese President XI to work together to solve the Korean crisis. More ever the installation of the U.S missile “Scud” in South Korea can be a stumbling block for the peaceful resolution and containment of the crisis. Apart from it the new South Korean President Moon Jae is not a hawk and believes in negotiation with North Korea which is proposed even by President Trump. The problem in Korean peninsula is also due to Japans militaristic built up and impulses at home. Japanese Prime Minister Abe is not in favour of the peaceful solution of the Korean peninsula. He wants to give rise to militarist Japan and drag the US to its side to the extent that Sino US relation may turn bad. But both China and US are great powers and they have great responsibility. And both cannot afford to accept the rise of militarist Japan in the pretext of North Koreans seemingly unmanageable behaviour.
    Japan’s militarist ambition however under Abe’s leadership is bound to retreat and Tokyo must submit itself for negotiations for peaceful resolution of crisis in any part of the region including the sea where Japan has maintained its occupation on Chinese islands.
    Ans: The US position on RB is reflected at the participation of a high level US delegation led by White House advise Matthew Pottinger to the summit of first ever Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing. US seem to have realizes that Chinas Belt and Road initiative is complimentary to the strengthening of the US economy which President Trump highly demands. The cooperation of China and the US on Belt and Road initiative is certain to create atmosphere of peace in 21st century. In the context it must be noted that Beijing has also asked Japan to join in the forum.
    The sign of leap forward in Sino- US economic front is also demonstrated on the rise of Chinese investment in the US which is 46 billion dollars in 2016. This amount is triple to 2015 invest of China in the US. If you look seriously at the ascending of Sino US economic relation, is very much comprehensive and it is in every sphere. Well I am not an economist but I am sorry to say that I have hardly read informative and analytically comprehensive article on Sino-US economic relation in Nepalese medias written by Nepalese authors. Many Nepalese politicians and economists even do not seem to know that U.S and China economic relation is symbiotic and inseparable.
    Q. In your previous interview you mentioned conspiracy against you by your own colleagues and also of a foreign ambassador to CSC without your knowledge.
    Ans: last time I was trying to focus that episode in a different vain. It was one of the possibilities but my colleagues are responsible people and they are matured and they know what to do and what not to do. They are all intimate with me and have supported me for so many years and during the several years of my illness their collective leadership is performing well. If I doubt them I will be making a big mistake. About the episode of three years back i.ecoming of an ambassador of a country hostile to China in CSC central office is still a mystery for me.
    Everybody knows, though I don’t agree to each and every policy of China on South Asia but I have always been an admirer of China and the great Chinese people and I am a person with a firm view that without China’s active support Nepal neither can be prosperous nor secured.
    In fact it is we the divided Nepalese and our so called leaders are making our nation weak, servile and its semi colony which still allows the Indian imperialist and Britain to recruit our citizen in their army right in our soil. It is a disgrace and greatest dishonour and humiliation of our mother land Nepal. I would one again like to quote here a previous comment made by a top historian and a military expert which reads “Fortescue attributed the action at Makwanpur-Hariharpur as “a panic that gripped the Nepalese”. For the British it was the triumph of a bluff and bluster. Had any sensible military leader been there, the stores of Kulunga, Jaithak, Jitgarh and even earlier Hariharpur of 1767, could have been recreated a hundred times ending Ochterlony’s adventure into a misfortune as large as Kinloch’s. What was otherwise stopping the brave Gorkhas from cutting into Ochterlony’s lines of communications, his advance and retreat through systematic guerrilla warfare. But the Durbar had buckled up to call the whole thing as a misadventure and a bad bargain.
    The great sacrifice of the soldiers Gorkhas had been squandered by the inept politicians at Kathmandu and their field commanders on the Nepalese border.”
    This is exactly what is happening in our country today. The inept and corrupt leaders have made the people weak and submissive. Otherwise what could stop the brave Nepalese to rise and defeat the Indian aggression through various means including the systematic guerrilla warfare.And these fighters will not only be the men but also the women almost in equal number. Has it not been proved inseveral fronts at several times??


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