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Electricity as alternative to petroleum products

  • Published on: June 7, 2017

  • image00111By Sushant Shrestha
    Nepal lies in the central part of Himalayan belt which is 2500kms long. Almost 83% of Nepalese territory is mountainous. It is one of the geographically threatened, underdeveloped countries, with vast natural resources such as water, minerals, forest, varieties of agricultural products and medicinal herbs.
    For the economic development of the country exploitation and proper use of such valuable resources, especially mineral resources, is extremely important. And being geographically threatened, it is far behind from such development. Mines in Nepal are found are in extent number. Not even ten percent of total requirement is fulfilled by these mines. Petrol vehicles are found in a large number. And to meet this need a huge amount of petroleum products are imported in Nepal. It was found that, in these 10 years the amount of petroleum product had reached so high that twenty percent of total import in this country is petroleum products. And for a poor country like Nepal, it is difficult as most of the things have to be imported and the expenditure becomes very high. So, to reduce such expenditure electricity should be introduced as alternative to petroleum products. Electricity is considered an alternative fuel under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Electricity can be produced from a variety of energy sources, including oil, coal, nuclear energy, natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, and stored hydrogen. Though these sources are not widely available, there is a high potential of hydropower in Nepal. A large amount of electricity ever greenly can be produced in Nepal. So, the first step to be taken is the replacement of petroleum vehicles with Plug-in vehicles (electric vehicles). These vehicles can draw electricity directly from the grid and other off-board electrical power sources and store it in batteries. Hybrid electric vehicles are fueled with liquid fuels, like gasoline, but use electricity to boost fuel efficiency. Using electricity to power vehicles can have significant energy security and emissions benefits. And this is the only vehicles that run only on electricity produce no tailpipe emissions. To reduce the increasing number of petrol vehicles, plug-in vehicles are the only alternative way so far. Government should focus on these real problem rather than other unwanted stuffs. Various plans related with these problems should be introduced and implemented truly. This can increase the economical development either on direct or on indirect basis.


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