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Outgoing Chief Justice Sushila Karki reveals how PM Dahal’s intervene in SC business

  • Published on: June 7, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    570781-sushila-karki-youtubeOutgoing Chief Justice SushilaKarki has accused of outgoing Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal of interfering the business of the Supreme Court.
    In an interview to the Kantipur daily, Karki said Dahal had asked her not to forward the case of Lokman Singh Karki for seven months.
    She revealed howNepal’s judiciary, especially the apex court, has long been mired in partisan politics and factionalism.
    She said Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal called her to his place, and asked her to defer the hearing and verdict in a corruption against Lok Man Karki.
    The first woman Chief Justice of Nepal was portrayed as the boldest CJ, but she was unable to make the needed reforms in judiciary due to political intervention. She has also shared this aspect in the interview.
    Karki, who retired on Wednesday due to her age, claimed she really wanted to reform and cleanse the Supreme Court but failed largely because of political interference and non-cooperation from different stake holders.
    She said judges have to compromise their impartiality by seeking post-retirement appointment due to political interference.
    Her boldness not to bow before the political pressure resulted in inviting an impeachment motion against her just a few weeks before she was retiring.
    The impeachment motion registered in the design of NC president SherBahadurDeuba not only prevented CJ Karki from carrying out her duties but also resulted to be counterproductive for NC as the party lost election in the urban areas due to the impeachment motion which irked the learned voters.
    The main opposition Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist made the withdrawal of an impeachment motion filed against her by members of the ruling coalition Maoist and Nepali Congress by threatening to obstruct budgets as well the PM’s election in parliament.
    She admitted she was ‘called’ by the Prime Minister on at least three occasions to his residence, and each time she went there, he wanted a favour on one or other case. “I would simply sip tea for five minutes and vanish’.
    She also expressed how the office of Attorney General continued to interfere in the court business asking her to let a particular justice to look a particular case.
    What Karki told in her interview only showed that the Supreme Court was badly mired political and other activities, and there was an urgent need for reforming the judiciary system.


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