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Gorkhaland movement turns violent

  • Published on: June 21, 2017

  • By Our Reporters
    Darjeeling 3The movement launched by the people of Nepali origin in Darjeeling and Doors against the decision of the State Government of West Bengal to make Bangla language compulsory in schools has finally turned into a political movement, thanks to the police suppression.
    With the killing of three demonstrators, two of them identified as Mahesh Gurung and Bimal Sa Shanker, in the police firing, the peaceful movement not only turned violent but the leaders of the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha have revived their demands of separate Gorkhaland.
    The GJM leaders have also rejected to sit for dialogue with the West Bengal Government; instead they said they would sit for dialogues only with the central government.
    Thousands of demonstrators attired in typical Nepali dress take to the streets everyday chanting for the creation of Gorkhaland in Darjeeling. They have shut down the entire areas in Darjeeling and Doors.
    The State government in a bid to pacify the movement has banned Internet in Darjeeling and has mobilised a large number of security forces, including army and paramilitary personnel, especially after the killing of three demonstrators on Saturday. ?No vehicles are plying on the roads and shops remain closed due to the indefinite shutdown called by GJM.
    Angered by the killing, GJM chief Bimal Gurung said that they would continue the movement.
    He also refuted GJM’s links with any outlawed outfits.
    ?“West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said we have links with NE based terrorists group, it’s wrong, she is trying to divert our movement,” the Hindustan Times reported quoting Gurung.
    When the people in Nepal have shown their sympathies to the movement of the GJM, the government has not made any comments on the killings of Nepali-speaking people when India has still been pressing Nepal to amend the constitution in favour of the Madhesis in Nepal.


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