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Indian media’s misleading reports

  • Published on: June 21, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan
    pushpa-columnThe Indian television networks are creating a false propaganda instead of giving the fact about Nepal. Last week, Indian television network Aaj Tak reported that the Nepali people started to stay in Darjeeling only after the British rulers planted tea in the area. The report claims that the job seeking Nepalis migrated to Darjeeling from Nepal for labour works in the tea gardens which is totally false. The Indians are trying to prove people in Darjeeling as migrated citizens by distorting historical facts.
    In the mission of creating Nepal a pure Hindu kingdom, king Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great had unified a modern Nepal by expanding Nepal’s border upto Tista River in the East, Satlaj River in the West and Ganga River in the South. Later, the British rulers in India one-sidedly imposed the Sugauli Treaty, by forcefully encroaching a big portion of Nepali soil. Darjeeling, Doors, Bihar, Dehradoon, among others places, belonged to Nepal. Darjeeling is the native place of Lepchas, however, along with the unification process, Nepalis reached Darjeeling and Deharadoon. They were staying in their own country, however, they continued to stay there even after the Sugauli Treaty. Nepalis were staying in Darjeeling even before India took a shape of a country. The unification campaign was ended in 1775 by constituting a greater Nepal. If counted, since 1775, the Nepali speaking people in Darjeeling have been staying there. They did not migrated to Darjeeling only after the British rulers started tea plantations.
    With an ill-intention of the Indian rulers, the Darjeeling hill areas, dominated by Nepali speaking people were kept under the West Bengal province, which was always opposed by the people in Darjeeling. There is vast difference in culture and language among the Nepali speaking people and the Bengali speaking people. Therefore, the people in Darjeeling were demanding for a separate province for the people in Darjeeling.
    Today, some people in Nepal, such as CK Raut is campaigning for Madhesh as a separate state; those leaders such as Mahanta Thakur and Rajendra Mahato are bargaining with the government and launching an agitation in some Tarai districts, they are saying that their ultimate mission is to separate Nepal. But the people in Darjeeling are not demanding for a separate Gorkhaland nation, rather, they are struggling for a separate province under the Indian union.
    Some people, or say, so-called intellectuals are saying that the demand for Gorkhaland and demand for Madhesh Province are similar, which is wrong. The people in Darjeeling are struggling for their identity without the support of the Nepal government. Our leaders even hesitate to give moral support on the struggle of the people in Darjeeling. On the other hand, the handful of the Madheshi leaders, who are more Indian than the Indians, are launching a struggle with the full support of India. If India will shy-away from Tarai politics, Thakur and Mahato will disappear from the scene.
    Delightful interview:
    These days, we are practicing partisan politics and the big parties are dominating the media. We are thus compelled to read or listen or watch the voices of the political parties guided cadres and as the political parties are strongly influenced from the foreign powers’ vested interests, our media is also serving foreign interests. Those who are thinking about the nation and betterment of the nation, their voice has been suppressed through a conspiracy. In such a scenario, this scribe was highly delighted after watching the STV Chat with noted journalist Prem Kaidi after a long time. The interview was very bold, very patriotic and very informative for the Nepali people. At a time when nationalism is defined as “Mahendra nationalism” by those Indian puppets, Kaidi argued that King Mahendra was a great visionary leader, a real hero of Nepal. If he would not have structured Nepal, this country would not have survived. He said, the real heroes of Nepal were King Mahendra and Yogi Naraharinath. I totally agree with Kaidi’s arguments and commend Kaidi for such a bold interview. Anybody having interests in watching Kaid’s interview can search “STV Chat with Prem Kaidi” in Youtube.


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