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RJP against election postponement

  • Published on: June 21, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    Even after postponement of local elections in No 2 province, the RJP leaders have intensified agitation in their areas of influence. The RJP leaders are saying that they had not asked the government to postpone the elections, however, they were concerned about the response to their demands including increase of the local units on the basis of popuRastriya-Janata-Partylation and amendment of the constitution.
    The government, on the other hand, is claiming that with the consent of the RJP leaders, the local election date for the No 2 province was postponed for 18 September.
    The RJP leaders are saying that the government has hurt their sentiment.
    According to a source, PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, after consultation with a section in Delhi, had decided to postpone the local election in No 2 province. Deuba is of the view that after the second phase of election, he will go to Delhi to please the Indian leaders. [It is believed that he is going to make his first foreign trip to Delhi by maintaining the tradition of presenting credence to the Indian leaders after assuming office in Nepal.] According to Tarun vernacular weekly, known to be close to PM Deuba camp in the NC, immediately after the 14 June election, foreign minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara is visiting Delhi, followed by Indian external minister Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Kathmandu. Earlier to the September 18 election, PM Deuba is going to visit Delhi followed by Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Kathmandu visit. Modi is learnt to be visiting Nepal to lay the foundation stone of the Arun 3 project to be constructed by an Indian company Satluj.
    Deuba’s plan:
    Immediately after the 14 June elections, PM Deuba will try to amend the constitution even by excluding the UML. Deuba is going to bring RPP in the government. Similarly, Deuba is planning to bag support of some small parties even by spending money to amend the constitution.
    After the amendment of the constitution, RJP will be compelled to take part in the election, Deuba has believed.
    Meanwhile, after amendment of the constitution, Deuba will be visiting Delhi with the plan of bagging Delhi’s support in holding provincial and federal parliament’s elections before 21 January 2018.
    RJP leaders in problem:
    Whether the RJP is limited within the No 2 province only, a question has surfaced after the government decided to postpone elections only in the No 2 province. In Nawalparashi, Rupandehi and Kapilvastu, the RJP had claimed that the party has strong hold, however, the RJP leaders were unable to stop elections in these districts. Instead, RJP workers in the districts gave candidature as independent candidates. RJP was unable to stop its workers from participating in the elections.
    From the postponement of the elections in the no 2 province, RJP is considered as an anti-election force.


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