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Real Post Mortem

  • Published on: July 5, 2017

  • editThe irony behind the establishment logic that the local level elections must take place at all cost for the constitution to be implemented is lost on the people. The mainstream media has hyped the election fervor to the extent that they have served to cover up the irony. Elections at the local level are over except in that key region which has been demanding amendments as contingent for participation under this constitution. It is this condition for participation that has served to postpone schedules time and again. It is this lack of universal acceptability of the constitution that the media hype served to, meaningfully, cover up. The conclusion of the second phase local level elections now make inevitable the concentration of electoral politics on that third phase prior to which scene must shift to the legislature where long postponed laws regarding the three tiered local phases all the way up to the constitutional legislature must be made. In so many ways, the haste to conduct the local level elections has had to demand laws that only now will be made in retrospect to actually empower the local levels. This legislative impudence remains lost in the media as yet but will be seminal to the coming conflict. After all it is the very centralized monopolistic political establishment that is crux to the disruption of locally elected government for the past two decades and the compulsion of the elections now begins a stage when the center and the grass roots will tussle for assertion. The centralized parties may have had to endorse the candidates no doubt but the newly elected local levels will want that empowerment legally which will help them serve their constituencies—whether it is their parties at the center or their electorate at the grass roots must be determined fast through legislation.

    The election hype can no longer cover up the fact that it is the dilly dallying on the much promised constitutional amendments that served to postpone the election date and has also contributed to the isolation of elections in a region to the third phase. The promise of federal elections to the region must also bring into focus the lack of legislation in the actual context of delineating the regions and their electoral constituencies much less the sharing of power between the newly empowered local levels and the regional centers. Indeed, as growing discussions have it, their seems to be much to be covered between the nexus of the center and the grass roots vis a vis  the grass roots and the regional center as also that between the regional centers and the central government. The theoretical empowerment of the new federal republic is in legislative disarray. This will come to focus in the legislature whose term expires come February after elections to the three phases are over. Fast track elections and the suspension of parliamentary legislation through various ruses can no longer postpone these obviously onerous responsibilities that should have been fulfilled prior to the holding of elections. The fast track approach to elections as also constitution making has served to cover-up the gaping legislative requirements that actually make possible the implementation of the constitution. The media hype has served well to cover this up. The actual business in implementing the constitution must now be taken up by the legislature. The reasons why this was not taken up remain. If anything, the pressing time factor and the remaining issues suggest that we are due for more resort to fast tracks and haste which will continue to make the constitutional uncertainties yet more glaring.


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