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Dancing to foreign tunes

  • Published on: August 3, 2017

  • By D.M. Thapa

    The politicians here seem to be really wily, if not by themselves then by the tutoring of their foreign bosses.

    Now they have been able to alert the attention of the majority of the population through the election they will hold. There are many problems that the public have to bear, including bad roads, bad health care and bad government administration among others, but no attention is paid to such pains of the public as long as the political leaders enjoy lavish benefits.

    The Election Commission an independent constitutional body seems completely in control of the political parties. And why not when all the top commissioners have been nominated by political parties and they feels it a compulsion to show allegiance to the parties to which they belong.

    It is no different with the so called free media, whether print or in the broadcast sector, they also toe the line of the parties with which they are aligned, but they proudly call themselves “free and independent”. Actually the real free and independent media persons are in the shadow and their voices are never heard.

    If you carry any party flag, specially that of the so called three big parties, you could be a minister and if you clutch on their “dhotis” you could get other positions including that of an ambassador though you may not be qualified even a wee bit for such positions, forget being a good advisor, a good administrator or a good diplomat.


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