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Major parties formulating plans to win Province 2 local polls

  • Published on: August 3, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The third phase of local polls are just one and a half months away but the major political parties have been exercising to become the first party in the election scheduled for September 18  in Province 2.
    While the Nepali Congress is planning to emerge as the largest party at least in the province, the Maoist-Centre that won only 84 seats in total against 276 seats won by the UML in the two phase elections is also trying its best to win largest number of seats in this province.
    The UML that won 50 more seats than the NC in the first and second phase local polls is working to retain the position in Province 2 while the Province is a strong hold of the RastriyaJanata Party-Nepal.
    The NC inducted MahendraYadav in the present cabinet in the last minute with an objective of winning the sympathy of the voters of the Province-2 while the Maoist Centre has applied all its strength to win the election. Even it has revived the slogan of One-Madhes One Province through MatrikaYadav, one of its main Madhesi leaders.
    The UML has been luring leaders of RJP and other Madhes-based parties in it.
    However, it may not be a surprise if UML emerged as the largest party even in Province 2 considering its performance in the Terai of other provinces.


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