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PM Deuba, Oli want federal, provincial elections in one go, EC says impossible

  • Published on: August 3, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    doPrime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and the CPN-UML chair K.P. Oli have of late floated the idea of holding the elections for the federal and provincial parliaments in a one go. However, the Election Commission has said that holding elections together will be impossible.
    CPN-UML chair Oli first floated the idea of holding the federal and provincial elections on a single date after he returned to Kathmandu from his Manasarovar and China visit.
    PM Deuba also supported Oli’s view by expressing that the elections should be conducted on a single date.
    Both the leaders expressed such views considering the time constraints to hold the polls by January 21, 2018.
    Only five months are left to hold the polls of the federal and provincial elections. Inability to hold the polls within the deadline of January 21, 2018 will result in the failure of the new constitution.
    CPN Chair Oli even said that the elections of the federal parliament should be held first to meet the deadline.
    However, the EC has said that holding elections of the federal and provincial parliaments on the same date will be technically difficult.
    Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayudhee Prasad Yadav told a meeting of the Governance and Monitoring Committee of the Parliament that holding elections of federal and provincial elections will be difficult from both the constitutional and managerial points of views.
    According to him, it will be difficult to ensure the representation of women by holding the elections on a single date.
    The EC had already proposed to hold the provincial election in October, the election of the Upper House and Lower House of the Federal Parliament in two separate dates by the third week of November.
    Yadav said that the EC had to print 70 million pieces of ballot papers to hold the two elections on the same date which would be impossible. Again, a voter has to use four separate ballot papers in the elections which will be confusing, he said.


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