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SC verdict on Bharatpur 19 re-election irks UML

  • Published on: August 3, 2017

  • By Our Reporter
    The Supreme Court‘s verdict to uphold the Election Commission’s decision to conduct re-polling in Ward no. 19 of Bharatpur Metropolis has irked the CPN-UML.
    Although the CPN-UML accepted the verdict, it warned that the verdict of Apex Court on re-polling of Bharatpur -19 has established  a wrong precedent.
    In a statement issued on Monday, the UML further said, the decision of the Supreme Court had disrespected the mandate of the people.
    A division bench of Justices Om Prakash Mishra and Purushottam Bhandari quashed the writ petition filed by CPN-UML ward member candidate for Bharatpur-19 Gunjaman BK, and advocate Tulsiram Pandey against the EC decision to conduct re-election.
    Earlier, a single bench of Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana on June 5 had issued an interim order telling the EC not to implement its June 2 decision to hold re-polling in Bharatpur Metropolis-19.
    Nepali Congress and CPN-Maoist Centre had forged an electoral alliance to contain CPN-UML in the Metropolis.
    UML had fielded Devi Gyawali and Maoist had fielded Renu Dahal daughter of then PM and CPN-Maoist Centre chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal
    However, the UML has instructed its cadres to be prepared for the repolling in Bharatpur.
    Vote counting of Bharatpur Metrpolis was halted after two cadres affiliated to CPN-Maoist Centre had torn 90 ballot papers during the counting of vote of ward number 19 on May 29.
    Maoist cadres Drona Babu Siwakoti and Madhu Neupane allegedly tore the ballot papers as their Mayoral candidate Renu Dahal was lagging behind UML candidate Devi Gyawali by 755 votes.
    The vote counting of ward number 19 was almost over before the Maoist resorted to untoward activities. Of the total 29 wards in the Metropolis, the vote counting of all wards have been concluded except Wards 19 and 20.
    Clearly, the Maoist cadres had torn the ballot papers with an intention of forcing the Election Commission to hold re-election in the Ward.
    The Election Commission has already instructed the Chief of the district election commission to fix the new date for repolling.
    The irked UML has also warned the ruling collation partners not to move ahead the constitution amendment process without holding all levels of elections.
    The government is preparing to table the constitution amendment bill for voting soon.


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