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Chinese think-tank lauds former King’s role in cementing bilateral relations

  • Published on: August 9, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    Observing the 62 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and China, the Nepal Embassy in Beijing recently organized a seminar on Nepal-China relations.

    Presenting a paper at the seminar, Prof. Hu Shisheng of the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) lauded the role of former King Gyanendra in cementing Nepal-China bilateral relations.

    According to a report that appeared in Annapurna Post vernacular daily, Prof. Hu heartily appreciated the role played by Nepal in controlling illegal entrance of the Tibetans in the Nepali territory.

    Prof. Hu informed that since 1974, the Dalai Lama has not been able to enter Nepal. He also said that the Nepal government is always working together with the Chinese government in controlling free-Tibet activities and illegal entrance of the Tibetans in Nepal.

    He said that since 2005 onward, the number of Tibetans entering illegally into Nepal is nominal. He explained that the then King Gyanendra’s strict policy against the free-Tibet activists, the number has declined.

    In the previous years, around 2000 Tibetans used to illegally enter Nepal and going to third countries, however, during the rule of former King Gyanendra, the number was reduced to one hundred only, he informed.

    Due to Nepal’s friendly policy towards China, Dalai Lama had never been able to enter Nepal, he said and added that since 1974, Nepal has never allowed her soil to carry out anti-China activities.

    Both Nepal and China are sensitive on each other’s sensitive issues, he said.

    “The relations between the two countries are moving forward on the basis of confidence; we never intervened on each other’s internal affairs, for example, China never supported the Maoist led ten year long conflict,” he said and added, “China occasionally advised the political parties to end conflict through talks”.


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