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Gorkhaland movements continues for about two months

  • Published on: August 9, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    SSThe Gorkhaland movement has entered the 57th day but the people of Darjeeling and the surrounding areas have been giving continuity to the movement with the hope of realising their demands for a separate state in the hills.

    Although the general strike and the blockade imposed by the state government have created a lot of difficulties to the people, they have not shown any sign of fatigue. The people are regularly organising mass rallies, staging sits-in and human chain braving the monsoon rains.

    On Sunday, the GJM and the other hill parties staged a human chain protest near the Darjeeling railway station against police atrocities on their workers and to demand an immediate withdrawal of the forces from the hills.

    The GJM also took out rallies demanding restoration of the Internet services, which have been banned in the hills since 18 June.

    The people have also foiled the attempts of the police to arrest the leaders of GJM and other parties from their residences.

    The participants of the rallies carry black flags and placards demanding Gorkhaland almost every day. Barring the medicine shops, all other shops, business establishments, schools and colleges remained closed for about eight weeks.

    Meanwhile, the police tried to arrest Dawa  Lama, central member of GJM, from his Singhbadi residence but failed to arrest him.

    The GJM had warned of launching tougher movement if the central government did not make its views on the Gorkhaland Movement public by Tuesday evening.

    The State Government has been trying to weaken the movement by arresting the leaders in Darjeeling. The leaders have gone underground to avoid arrest.

    Lama was living in his neigbour’s home when the police raided his house on Sunday.

    The GJM has accused the state government of trying to control the leaders by filing cases against them. When the leaders of the GJM and other parties rejected to hold talks with the West Bengal Government, the state government has been trying its best to suppress the movement. It has mobilised police and paramilitary forces to control the movement but in vain.

    The impatience shown towards the movement by Chief Minister Mamata Benarjee in recent days is explained as a success of the movement.

    “Achieving the Gorkhaland stand is not far considering the impatience being exhibited by the State Government,” Bimal Gurung, GJM leader was quoted.

    Gurung has reiterated that they would not hold talks on other issues except the separate Gorkhaland state.

    While the movement is going on a debate has begun as to whether the Gorkhaland state will be feasible and the outcomes have been positive.

    If created, the Gorkhaland will be bigger than Goa and Sikkim and will have bigger population of many of the north-east states. Moreover, Gorkhaland will be self-reliant in agro-product.

    All the developments and debates of recent weeks show that the people of Darjeeling will be able to realise their demand of a separate state this time.

    By now 11 demonstrators lost their lives, 25 have been injured seriously. Health condition of 12 youths who have been staging a hunger strike for the three weeks is deteriorating.


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