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Unfortunate Nepalis!

  • Published on: August 17, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan

    pushpa-columnWe know that during every rainy season, there are floods/landslides and we witness casualties of the people. As expected, this year also, we witnessed the deaths of hundreds of Nepali citizens in both the hill and Tarai areas due to the landslides and floods. When the local people in the Tarai districts were inundated, the government was engaged in other business. No rescue works were carried out on time to save the lives of the inundated people. Yes, there is the disaster management office inside the Singhadurwar, but we were unaware what this office was doing when landslides and floods hit the people killing them and displacing them!

    Every time, the political leaders are found delivering speeches that the new constitution has made the local people sovereign and Singhadurwar, which was located in Kathmandu only has reached every citizens’ home. Is this true? Of course, not! Sure, the leaders of the major political parties who are enjoying power turn by turn, have become sovereign and in the name of the villagers, the very political leaders are enjoying the power of Singhadurwar! The other fact is that they have been able to reach Singhadurwar, not with the wishes of the people but by the blessings of Delhi. We have already surrendered our dignity to the leaders in Delhi and they are deciding our leaders’ fate.

    We witnessed the “old” but vibrant Nepal until 1990 and we are witnessing the “new” but spoiled Nepal now, which is called “loktantra”. There was an old saying that forest as Nepal’s property but today we have already destroyed our valuable forests. The Chure Hills have been exploited enough from which we are inviting natural calamities in the Tarai districts. A group of political leaders are in agitation in the name of empowerment of the Tarai people. Today, when the Tarai districts are inundated, what are these Tarai leaders doing to rescue the Tarai people, we don’t know. Due to the exploitation of the Chure Hills, due to the deforestation in the Chure Hills, we have invited disaster in the Tarai districts. Also, due to the embankments constructed by India in the Nepal-India international borders, the Tarai districts have been inundated. The Tarai leaders have remained silent on these facts. As they are doing politics in the interests of their Indian bosses, they are not responsible towards the Tarai people, but they are found responsible towards the Indian leaders. The country witnessed an economic blockade in the name of empowering the Tarai people, but the real intention of the Indian blockade was to empower those migrated Indians. After killing of dozens of innocent people in the name of amendment of the constitution, along with the advice of Sushma Swaraj (who was in town and gave a group audience to the Tarai leaders, urging them to take part in the local elections), they became ready to take part in the upcoming local elections in No 2 province.

    To conclude, Nepal has become the venue of those traitors who are in power and we, the people, have become victims of those traitors who are ruling us.


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