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Dirty politics in RPP

  • Published on: August 18, 2017

  • By Our Reporter

    RPP’s splinter party RPP Democratic chairman PashupatiShumsherRana is playing dirty politics to finish RPP mother organization chaired by Kamal Thapa.

    Rana is yet to manage necessary number of the 40 percent central committee members to split the party formally. He has abducted CC members forcefully and it is learnt that he has kept them in three different luxury resorts in Shivapuri, Kamidanda and Nagarkot by keeping them out of contact even from their family.

    On Sunday (13 August), the election Commission had invited the party chairman to verify signature of the 40 percent central committee members. But Rana was able to manage only 53 central committee members whereas the required number is 66. Therefore, Rana has requested to give more time to verify signature. On 18 August, Rana should be able to manage 66 central committee members,otherwise, RPP Democratic will not be recognize as a formal party.

    Rana is learnt to have invested huge fund in buying RPP MPs and central committee members. Prime Minister SherBahadurDeuba, who is a closed relative of Rana from his wife DrArju, is receiving funding from Deuba, say source.

    Deuba is ready to offer four ministerial and four state ministerial portfolios to those MPs who have left mother organization RPP. Besides, Rana has distributed different assurances including offering ambassadorial post to those who have joined Rana’s party. Immediately after Rana’s party will be recognized by the EC, it is sure that 8 MPs will become minister.

    But if Rana will fail to give recognition to the party from the EC, some MPs are going to lose their MP’s position.

    Rana’s political path:

    Not to be surprised, Rana wants to adopt republic agenda as like in the past. Similarly, Rana haswished to develop a long-term alliance with the NC to strengthen the party organization. Confusing is that have those MPs and CC members having strong belief on constitutional monarchy gave up their fundamental belief on Hindu kingdom?

    Anyway, Rana and PM Deuba are playing dirty game, which will not strengthen democracy at all.

    Double democratic?

    Rastriya Prajatantra Party Prajatantrik is the name chosen by the splinter group. In English, it reads National Democratic Party Democratic. Therefore, it sounds this party as double democratic! It may happen only in Nepal!


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