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Big enemies of Nepal

  • Published on: August 30, 2017

  • By PR Pradhan
    pushpa-columnEvery time, one question strikes me who are the big enemies of Nepal! Nepal is a heaven as nature has given us a lot, still, Nepal is listed as one of the least developed countries in the globe. Of course, the developed countries try to exploit small and under developed countries. They want to finish our glorious identity and make us slaves for them. As Nepal is naturally prosperous, the foreign powers are eying us always. If the political leadership will forget their role and dance to the tune of the foreign powers, then the country will become a great victim.
    Due to the embankments constructed by the Indians across the Nepal-India borders by stopping the natural flow of the rivers, Nepal suffered massive floods this year. The Tarai people lost their family members, their house and property. UML chairman KP Sharma Oli asked our Prime Minister SherBahadurDeuba to tell the Indian leaders to demolish the embankments during the latter’s sojourn to India. Except from Oli, none of the so-called leaders spoke a single word to demolish the embankments. They didn’t speak due to the fear of the Indians as they have been empowered with the blessings of the Indians. Indeed, those leaders who are acting under the guidance of the Indians are the real enemies of the Nepalis. Those leaders, who have remained silent even on the construction of the embankments by the Indians inundating Nepal’s fertile land and Nepali settlements, are the big enemies of the Tarai people and on the whole, the great enemies of Nepal. A group of Madheshi leaders are claiming that they are fighting for the rights of the Madheshi people, in fact, they are fighting for the rights of those migrated Madheshi people as they have no feelings of the plight of the real Tarai people who are suffering from floods.
    Earlier to the 1990 political change, Nepal had played a significant role in the international arena and Nepal was thus more sovereign and independent nation. After 1990 and specially after 2006, Nepal lost her international image and the tradition of presenting credence by every new prime minister to their Indian bosses was started. Now, it has become a tradition that every new prime minister should visit Delhi as his first foreign visit.
    When Nepal was strongly jolted by the massive earthquake, we had to face economic blockade for nine months. But the leaders were unable to speak that India had imposed blockade against Nepal by violating humanitarian norms and the right of a land-locked country was grossly violated. Instead of encountering the Indian hegemony, our leaders surrendered to the Indian bosses just to enjoy power.
    The then coalition government failed as the then prime minister KP Oli signed ten important agreements, including agreements on trade and transit with China. Since then, the Indian policy is to corner the UML by developing unnatural alliance between the Nepali Congress, a so-called democratic party and Maoist Center, a radical Left party. One cannot hope better times for this country from the present government as the present government has been formed to serve the Indian interests. When the mission is to serve foreign interests, what can we expect from such leaders!

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